Question regarding workout types coming up to race day

Hi all
I have a quick question regarding the types of workouts TR has scheduled for me in the next few weeks.
The Threshold/Sweet Spot type workouts seem to be less than I’ve been doing the past few weeks and the Endurance workouts moreso.
I’m assuming this is deliberate in order to reduce my TSS in the run-up to my race on 30th April so I’ll be better ready for the race - is this correct?

I suggest an email to for review.

All we can see is what appears to be a final “work” week followed by a “recovery” week. We don’t know what phase that is (Base, Build or Specialty) and can only see a B race that seems to be at the end of your first week of an upcoming Build phase.

Without seeing the preceding weeks and things like your workout survey responses, we are merely guessing with limited info.

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thanks @mcneese.chad , I’ll drop them an email.
Meantime just for info my plan is a Mid-volume Cross Country Olympic discipline ranging from Mar 23 to Jul 10 2022. I’m in week 4 of the Base 2 (Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume 2).
From inspection of the description of Weeks 5 and 6, it would appear that the workouts profile may not actually related to my having a race at the end of Week 6, just coincidental - anyway - I’ll see what they advise

Right, with a B level event, TR will merely avoid/cancel workouts on or right before the event. There may be some “taper”, but it is minor compared to the A’s. There will only be an actual/full taper of workouts for A level events. This gives the background that drives the Plan Builder setup with respect to event levels.

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