Push Workouts to Garmin Without Garmin Connect

Now that Garmin can’t secure their servers from cyber attack, is there a way to push TR workouts to head units manually now that we can’t count on Connect?

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tape it to your top tube? Spend a couple of minutes capturing it in TrainingPeaks?


Taping to the top tube is a legit rec. Don’t have training peaks. And if I did, I don’t see how that would enable syncing the workout to my head unit.

Recreating the workout in TP is the electronic version of taping it to the top tube. It’s pretty quick.

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but still don’t have it. Not going to start a subscription for a few workouts.

I think you may be able to do it with a free account. But I could be wrong

Just a free account but you’ll need to download the workout and manually copy to USB connected Edge. Easier to write it down and manually press the lap button.

This may last longer than a few workouts…

Would be very easy for TR to add a download button on workouts and then copy the .fit file to garmin manually. Would be useful anyway in the event a garmin wasn’t syncing with connect for whatever reason (once working again).

I manually created a workout on the head unit which I’d never done before. Was fiddly but ok. Can’t imagine it would be fun without a touchscreen though.


I came here with the same issue - I am now sat writing out the workout on the Garmin directly, it’s slow, but probably better than the length of the tape I had started writing on!

I suppose you could join TR for a month or free trial even, download every workout then have no need to subscribe!

I think you can essentially do that now, if garmin connect was working and with a bit of planning it wouldn’t be too hard to get them all on the Garmin. But they wouldn’t update with your power numbers or tell you how to schedule them I guess.

But it would mean you could actually access them in situations where external components break…