Push TrainerRoad workouts to Apple Watch

Anyone else seen that post WatchOS 10 release today you can now push TrainerRoad workouts to an Apple Watch? Haven’t tried it yet but couldn’t see any mention of it in the forum. Shame it’s outside workouts only.


Progress, but why can’t TR right TR completed workouts to Apple Health?

@AlphaDogCycling we have this planned as a follow-on. We wanted to get workouts to push to Apple Watch on Day 1 to coincide with Apple releasing the functionality with iOS 17 and watchOS10.


That’s great to hear. Here’s hoping that is a fast follow feature :grinning:

This is really good news. Nicely done!

Now that the app has access to HealthKit, do you have any plans to read the weight data? It’s a super minor thing, but it’d be nice if you synced my weight so my W/kg is accurate in the app.


That saved me asking the same question. I would like to see this too. I would hope using the Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor can be added too.

Beside weight there is much more (RHR, HRV, respiration rate, sleep quality, etc). Basically lot of data that could guide AT to suggest near term workouts and thus improve training consistency. And of course, there are other health and fitness ecosystems like Garmin, Google Fit and others.


OK, so there’s plenty of into into the how, but what about the why?

Why would someone who has a head unit use their apple watch?
Why would you use a watch that you can’t see when riding?
Why would you jump through hoops to mount your phone on the bars, and mirror your watch? If you buy a power meter, you’re not going to choose such a convoluted method.

Is this just to jump on the ‘mainstream’ Apple train, onboard some new users to TR who have dropped $1k on a watch and are looking to retrospectively justify the purchase? It seems like a pretty slim use case.


Maybe because the installed base of Apple Watches is about 20 times that of all Garmin computers and watches combined?

In 2022 Apple sold about 53 million watches. Garmin’s Fitness unit had revenue of about $1.1B which translates to about 2.5M units of watches and computers and all fitness accessories, depending on average selling price.

Also, get real with pricing. Yes there are Apple Watches that cost $1k, but some only cost $250 and are often on sale for $180. Just like Garmins go from $150 to $750.


Also it’s called meeting customers where they are at. It helps to grow TR user base by appealing to those newer to cycling (more likely to need help with their training), who are less likely to have a dedicated cycling computer.

Cycling equipment is expensive. Maybe their bike came with a power meter or maybe they provided that purchase first or maybe they are someone that uses their phone as their computer. Or maybe they didn’t want to spend $300+ on a single purpose device vs a multipurpose smart watch.

There’s many reasons TR could have used to justify their decision. Instead of complaining about it, advocate for something you want them to work on next.

I do think it would be harder to execute workouts on your Apple Watch unless, like you said, you have it mounted or you would need audible alerts to notify you of the next interval. But that would be challenging IMO. Not something I’d be interested in.

Have you had success with accurate HR readings on your Apple Watch? I had an Apple Watch 6 and the HR monitor was only useful for either easy runs or an activity where there wasn’t a whole lot of movement. Same as my Garmin watch.

Hoping with the new version Apple adds Cycling to VO2Max measurements (called Cardio Fitness in Apple Watch). My watch (Series 7 and latest iOS 9.6.2) only captures VO2 during walking/hiking in the workouts and mine has stayed in the low 20’s where Garmin says I’m at 43 (how does it know?)

@dcrainmaker says the sensor is very accurate. He mentions it during the last Apple event in relation to the Series 9. I have a Series 8. I am not sure which model Ray thinks it became good.

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Sorry, no it doesn’t appear to, been using the beta of watch os 10 for a bit, and as I haven’t been running or recording walks, my v02 is declining, and it still says runs and walks on the cardio fitness tab

FTP estimation seems a little short as well, suprised there hasn’t been a Apple Watch FTP estimate VS TR AIFTP thread yet

I’ve been recording on my ultra using watchos10 beta, and either garmin and chest strap or zwift and the same chest strap, Apple watch HR seems pretty good to me, WAAAAYYYYY better than my Fenix

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I’ve found my Apple Watch (series 8) HR pretty accurate when compared to Wahoo chest strap. Don’t think I’ve ever seen more than a 2bpm difference.

I have been dual recording with my AW 6 for years now while on the trainer inside and find the HR readings pretty darn accurate. Sure it might not catch every spike or read as fast a chest strap, but it is more than good enough at this point.

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Did you use a watch band that is slightly stretchy and infinitely adjustable? I use the sport loop so that I can get a perfect fit and adjust the tension.

With bands that have fixed notches my foot varies too much based on water retention.

Also, if you have darker skin (or a tattoo under the sensor) then optical sensors will be inherently less accurate for you. Melatonin blocks not only UV but also the sensor light penetration. So the more you have the worse the accuracy.