Push TrainerRoad workouts to Apple Watch

Unfortunately HR-estimated VO2max is not accurate regardless of device. At best it’s only useful to compare one measurement device and estimation algorithm against itself. Never compare across devices / estimation algorithms.



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I don’t have my Apple Watch 6 anymore. I’m using a Garmin 255 watch. I just use regular bands. I primarily noticed it reading low if I was doing something like sprints, hard rowing efforts, or strength training. It’s possible a sport loop would help but my understanding is a heart rate strap is always more accurate.

Not too worried. The Apple Watch was nice but the only thing I miss is being able to respond to texts which I only occasionally do and apps to show sports scores. I like the Garmin battery life much better. But in a few years maybe I will switch back if the Apple Watch has significantly improved battery life

Looks like exciting feature(practical maybe?) for someone who doesn’t own garmin nor wahoo. So started setup.

I scheduled outside workout for today

but? app says no workout for today

Scheduled to past… Maybe timezone difference not handled with caution? Please take a look at this case. Thanks.

Also quite curious that I have HealthFit to sync apple health activity to intervals.icu + strava. Would they create duplicated record? Lots to find out.

We are looking into this – thanks for the heads up!

Is your TR time zone set so that it matches the time zone of your Apple Watch? You can check those settings on your TR Account page.

Thanks. My TR timezone is set to correct value as +9. Hope this helps.

When mountain biking or even when riding outdoors, I can see haptic feedback being useful for when efforts start and end. Since I connect my power meters to my head unit via Ant+, the Apple Watch could connect to my power meters via Bluetooth.

The cheapest Apple Watch costs $249, I believe, which is competitive, and the Apple Watch has by a ginormous margin the highest install base. Ignoring the Apple Watch would have been akin to ignoring Windows in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Lack of Apple Health and Apple Watch support has been a long-standing pet peeve. It ticks me off that I do not get credit for movement goals when I do TR indoor workouts (with outdoor workouts I get credit as the Wahoo app sends its data to Apple Health). It is grating that on days with a hard 1:30 TR workout I barely made a dent for my activity goals.

Going from memory, I think it was the Series 4 Apple Watch.

Is there a trick to get the workouts from my calendar to sync?

Unfortunately mine do not seem to be pushed to the watch. “TrainNow” workouts can be pushed manually and it works perfectly but somehow the ones in my calendar that I can not manually “push to watch” are not synced.

Makes me sad to see that within 24h of a new Apple update this is now possible without anyone asking for it but Hammerhead sync of workouts is not working for years even though people have been asking for it since fooooooorever.

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I have to agree - this is the reason I will abandon my Karoo 2 - just have given up hope it will ever happen (issue might be partly on Hammerhead’s side, not sure?). Pretty excited about all the Apple stuff though, it feels pretty close to replace my head unit usage :slight_smile:

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There might be hope for Hammerhead users as Jonathan is now riding with one and appears to have ridden some outside workouts. He might not be pushing those workouts from TR though and has said in the Hammerhead post his choice of head unit doesn’t influence product development :thinking:

Both TR and Hammerhead have said it’s on their roadmap, for what that is worth. I just switched to a Karoo2 this year with the sale they had running. Quite the nice upgrade from a v1 Bolt.

I used zwofactory all summer to create my workouts and load them into the Hammerhead dashboard. While not ideal, it didn’t take me too long the day before to create a workout. The one thing I did miss a couple times was using alternates or TrainNow without having to spend 5 minutes creating and uploading…

Hopefully by the time I am riding outdoors mainly again next year we can just push workouts…

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Maybe I will try the sport loop. But this week I did a couple workouts using the wrist HR monitor on my Garmin forerunner 255. It definitely reads low. I’d say around 20 watts low. Maybe I’ll do a test with it and my HR strap. But I did a 2 hour road ride yesterday and my average HR was 99bpm. It was Zone 2 ride but even then I’d expect around 120bpm

Any roadmap for running workouts to be pushed to Apple Watch?


Sorry if this has been answered already/elsewhere, but if I’m using TR indoors and I set my Apple Watch to record an indoor workout (not TR pushed), will TR pull in my Apple data into TR via Apple Health? I guess what I’m asking is do I have to push a TR workout to my Apple Watch in order for TR to glean all the juicy Apple Health data for future AI goodness?

Also: can TR go back in my Apple Health history, or only from the launch date forward?

If the workout is not pushed from TR, then TR will see it as an “unstructured outside ride” – at this time, unstructured outside rides will not sync from Apple Health to TrainerRoad.

If you’re already recording an indoor TR workout using a laptop or mobile device, we wouldn’t recommend dual recording as it can cause connectivity issues.

Adaptive Training doesn’t use data from Apple Health other than that which comes from a TR Outside Workout, so it won’t go back into your Apple Health history.

For now, TR integration with Apple Health/Apple Watch is more of a way to use an Apple Watch as a head unit for Outside Workouts if an athlete doesn’t have a Garmin or Wahoo bike computer.