I like me some ERG... what's the best way?

Yikes! I’ve been struggling with workouts pushing to my Garmin computer.

Zwift and the trainer road app work extremely poorly for me when it comes to controlling the trainer. I think it is the use of the Apple products and their limitations. Basically, I get wahoo Kickr (V1) control and HRM, but it won’t sync cadence. Very frustrating.

So, I have been recreating all of my assigned TR workouts in training Peaks and pushing them to my Garmin from there.

It works fine (maybe a little more steps and prep for me) but it doesn’t look like it is including any of my workout information in the progression field… and it is calling ALL of my workouts “other” as opposed to “TrainerRoad” in the training stress field even if I associate the workout with the prescribed workout.

AND it shows the workout 2x (because trainer road pushes prescribed workouts to trainer road) so I end up having to delete one otherwise it looks like I am skipping half of my workouts (and we can’t have that).

Sooo… How do I make this easier and more streamlined?


Have you reached out to support@trainerroad.com?

I would start there. I’ve used my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone for workouts, and all have worked flawlessly so it’s not a limitation of apple.


For starters, I’d suggest using the native TR Outside Workouts option to eliminate the need to make works in TP manually.

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Also, first gen kickr doesn’t have cadence without an external sensor, is that what you are using to get cadence?

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I have. They helped me with something (a deleted workout) on thanksgiving day, but didn’t get back to me about this question (yet). Figured the overseers may be peeking in and can chime in…

I used trainerroad and macbook air plus kickr plus (dual bluetooth and ant+) garmin heart rate strap with no issue, rarely (once every few months) requiring me to restart the app to get everything to sync. Probably 2nd generation or later kickr.

I do have an external sensor for cadence (garmin)

And does it support bluetooth? because if it’s Ant+ it won’t connect without an Ant+ dongle.

I have read that iOS is the issue, and apple OS works fine.

My iPhone and AppleTV leave much to be desired.

My phone “Seed and connects” to the cadence sensor, but the stream isn’t coming through. Very sad :frowning:

I just found this guide from DC Rainmaker that may help.

I’m lacking some motivation after an injury that just happened to take me out for the last of the summer/early fall riding so I’m hoping to use Zwift for a little extra distraction in the garage.

And are you connecting this sensor to something else at the same time?

I am currently a TR subscriber because I like the app and the trainer control so much. Using my Garmin 1040 drove me nuts, and I have a Neo 2T as the trainer.

My setup: TR on an OLD iPhone 8+ running TR (Works PERFECT) with the TacX Neo2T. Depending on which bike I’m using, I’ll dual-record to my 1040 using my on-bike PM while TR controls and gets power from the Neo2T. 100% of my workouts right now originate in TrainingPeaks.

In my opinion, the TR app really is that good, Erg mode holds incredibly tight, and switching back and forth is super easy. From an interface perspective, much easier, bigger screen, colors when compared to any head unit. And an old phone is dirt cheap too.

1040 Issues: I did not find a way to switch back and forth between Erg and Resistance within a workout. This is important for me because I do a ton of time on the trainer and a lot of Erg, but VO2, Anaerobic, Sprint intervals are always done resistance so I need to be able to switch within a workout. EASY using TR, Garmin I don’t think will do it. I’ve heard that Wahoo will do this fine. ’

Entertainment is separate - Either my Android Phone, iPad, or AppleTV.

The one trick, I don’t use Zwift and I don’t think I could using my current setup. I am considering trying out some other tech to let me do so, but haven’t gotten around to it.


I close all apps prior to starting the program and workouts… no they just don’t work consistently for me :frowning:

And it isn’t battery. They are very new.

Yeah… There has got to be a good explanation for why I am struggling with connections… I may break down and get a new sensor for cadence to see if that fixes it… or maybe a new kickr!

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are you using your Garmin to record at the same time?

No. Either or.

I’ve defaulted to controlling the workout with only the garmin because I want to receive all the sensor feeds. Only because I was only getting power and HRM from the TR app.

Can you try to skip the HRM and see if the cadence comes through? What device(be specific, include software version) are you attempting to run TR on?

Newest iOS and iPhone13 (I think)

I’ve tried to skip hr to see what happens… didn’t help

I tried to get my 1030 to control my 2T, and it was really bizarre (if that’s what you are doing). So ‘off’ that I only did it once. I urge people to not go that route. An iPad works much better, and the Apple TV, even given its limits, does yeoman duty driving Zwift.

I settled on the Apple Mac Mini, the M2 version currently, and it just rocks as a masochist pain inducement device. It runs both Zwift and TR with no errors, and as a dedicated system, really is pretty inexpensive for what it does. Add an ANT+ dongle, and Bluetooth on an extension cord, and ride on…