Run Trainerroad from Apple Watch

With the new updates from Apple, where now Apple Watch will support power meters and other cycling gear, can we expect an Apple Watch app from Trainerroad where we will be able to run the training directly from the Watch, with the Watch controlling the smart trainer? Or using the API function to push TrainerRoad activities into the native Apple Watch workout app and run the workouts from there?

Couldn’t find this question in any other threads, apologies if this is a double-up.

imho apple watch is a smart watch not a sport/training watch.
the battery, the sweat resistance are not in par with a proper garmin, polar watch… even if they add gimmicks to sell more.
i don’t think an apple watch can withstand 5 hours ride or run … my friend has to charge it nightly and it is doing barely nothing. now if you use intensively. i let you imagine.
i think that is the reason you do not find threads on apple watch…it is not the right tool an inexpensive edge 130 will give you more features for your training and don’t cost as much and is as delicate and an apple gadget.
hope this helps.


Thanks for the comments. I already have a Wahoo Bolt for the outdoor training, the question is mainly to have the Watch controlling the Smart Trainer for the indoor rides - the Bolt is less than ideal for syncing the TR sessions, and I run them on the iPad / iPhone, but have to keep them mounted in front of the bike. The Watch would be a better option for the indoor riding as it would get the iPhone out of my handlebar.

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I am guessing this won’t happen for the same reasons as you cant push workouts to Zwift or other third party software, i.e people easily making a library of TR workouts or publishing their plan outside the TR ecosystem and then not paying for the TR service.

You can run smart trainers from Garmin watches that support power (and maybe the wahoo watch )
I regularly push sessions from Trainingpeaks plans I have purchased or Trainerday and control the trainer if using erg mode, having said that I use slope mode as often and follow the session on my phone a head unit or my watch.

Anyway, could be wrong but I cant see it happening for the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph, plus I really can’t see there being a significant demand for it.


Not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Why not just get a Quadlock for your phone so you can watch the workout from the handlebars? If you want to use your phone for other things while working out you can just put TrainerRoad in the background.

I think that OP does not want to have this iphone on the handlebars at all. and want to use the AW instead.

I would love this. I lost my Bolt recently and want to wait til sales til I get a replacement. Ive been using an AW as a headset for outdoor rides with no problem at all. Did a 6 hour sportive and had loads of battery left. Id love to be able to run TR from my AW for indoor workouts to save time setting ipad/laptop up.