PSA, do some crosstraining

So, I consider myself a pretty fit guy, went through base->build->base->build->speciality last year HV with near 100% compliance.

This weekend I hiked a mountain with some friends, we kept a good pace, but it felt easy. We did run some of it, but I used to do quite a bit of mountain running, and again, felt easy.

I got home and did my scheduled workout, just starting SSB again. Still fine, but legs were starting to feel heavy. Woke up today, and I literally cannot walk. I’ve never been this sore in my life, haha. To the point that my legs randomly are buckling when walking down stairs.

I guess the point is, I way overestimated my bike only fitness, and will be adding a weekly run back into the plan to keep me used to some impact :slight_smile:.


Interesting. I just completed a brutal MTB 100 with hours of forced hike-a-bike. The pushing the bike up the hills completely destroyed me and I cramped for the first time ever. Over the past year the only exercising I’ve done has been XC MTB racing (Expert) and TR workouts inside on the trainer, following Traditional Base - Build - SSB - Build - Specialty. Makes me think if I would have done some, any, hiking then maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad. Needless to say I’m more sore than I’ve ever been in my life.

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the better you get at riding a bike, the worse you get at everything else

the better you get at everything else, the worse you get at riding a bike

choose according to your lifestyle and goals


Truth. But, it looks like cyclists are at risk of low bone density overall. I don’t like doing anything but cycling, thats for sure, but I keep remembering that podcast where coach Chad referenced the fact that we are not pro cyclists, and it benefits us to have a little more bone density/muscle mass than they need. (well, maybe they need it too, but that’s another story, ha).

Now, I’ll see if I have the discipline to actually run/do weight work!


Running & hiking have a significant eccentric muscle contractions and these are rightly implicated in muscle soreness.


I cycle so I can cycle. But as I get older, I have come to the painful realization that I need cross training so I can be in shape to do everything else!

If I don’t hit the core and strength work, I can still ride 100 miles but I can’t walk 2 mile without my back killing me or a weekend of yard work destroys me. We are all fit, but many of us are extremely one dimensional in our fitness.


I played football (soccer) after six months of solid triathlon training.

My hip flexors were sore for four days after!

Pure bike fitness can a bit insidious - it gives you fantastic cardio fitness along with the ability to suffer, but when you venture off the bike, that can result in you writing checks some unused parts of your body might not be able to cover :wink:



I have a love affair with cycling AND running AND am in my mid 40s. But I can never make them coexist in my life at the same time. One always takes total precedence over the other. I got bit by the running bug about 2 months ago.

I consider my cycling fitness very high. Did body weight work or kettlebell work 2 times a week focused on stabilizes (knees and hips mostly). However, that literally got my foot in the door for running, mostly aerobically only.

I’m 2 months in to rather serious running and training for a half marathon next month. Went from running maybe 3-7 miles a week to 35-45 miles a week in that time. The first month my body did not like me at all (I was also pushing myself rather hard and upping mileage faster than anyone would sensibly recommend). Only in the past few weeks have I felt “good” when running. Last week as a crushing any and all PRs I’ve ever had in running.

Last time running took over my life was about 7 years ago and back then I didn’t know anything about structured training or zone training. I went by feel on the bike and when running. Over the past few years I’ve really learned a lot about structured training on the bike and have pushed myself into some new fitness areas with it (thanks TrainerRoad). So this go around with running I have a much better sense with where my fitness “should” be and what do do to get it there.

It’s made me reevaluate cycling. I adore being on a bike and all that comes with it. However it was shocking to me just how one sided and linear cycling fitness really is, when compared to running fitness. Running is such a more direct and total body way of achieving fitness. it helps that I enjoy running…but I do miss the bike.

Out of curiosity I went out on the bike last week (first ride since late July), for a recovery ride to spin the legs out as some hard mile repeats the day before. In my typical ego driven ride (NYC parks are full of “fast” people to chase) my recovery ride turned into a hammer fest of chasing anything and everything that passed me (including a delivery guy an ebike with the thing pegged). Post ride I felt tired but far from where I would have been 2 months prior doing cycling only. Looking sat the data my sustained power was considerably higher that 3 months prior for a similar ride) and my HR was lower in the respective zones. Recovery for the next day’s long run was very easy and overall I was less tired, less sore and much stronger than any post ride I had for the previous year.

I’m curious where I can go with running now and overall fitness (Ultras are the end goal in a few years…but full marathon is the next one for 2020)… we shall see if I ever come back to cycling like I once did.


Hilarious and timely!!! I played golf for the first time in a few years Saturday and managed to pull my groin on the driving range, before the first hole. Now my back, shoulders, and groin are so sore I can barely move. Skipped my weekend TR workouts and still feel like crap. I’m 38 and feel like my body is falling apart. WTF


I did my first gravel race earlier this year after a season of mostly TR workouts and racing cross and it killed my upper body (especially my tri’s; my tri’s were actually cramping, which had never happened before).

I realized afterwards that all of the TR workouts and short races/practicing for cross was not doing my upper body any good so I up’ed my weight training and put more outside rides into my program. It’s been better since.

haha yeah. I look like an old man walking around the office.

My work takes me to Hawaii often. Today I’m on the water windsurfing before heading home. Forecast looks solid! Pretty interesting to see my HR data for the day. When I’m wound up out there it’s solid z2 sometimes higher when I get Maytagged for a set or three. :stuck_out_tongue::dash:

That seems pretty extreme. Have you had back injuries/surgeries in the past?

I asked my coach if I should do some running in preparation of the upcoming CX season, his reply was, “how much running in the races do you plan on doing”. I said fair enough, and I don’t run at all. :rofl:

In the words of Heinlein, “Specialization is for insects.” Be a renaissance man (or woman).

In my crash last month (first in 13 years!), I went down hard, flat like a pancake. Everyone (including me) expected me to be sore the next day. Nope. Not sore at all, except for the road rash. I credit core strength from gym time for no muscle soreness.

My sample size of 1 input - in June I added in some trail running because I just really enjoy it and was feeling a little burnt out on bikes. Picked out a trail 10k to train for. Started running 3x a week, very short (couple miles, 30 min at most) and cut back the bike sessions to 3 or 4 a week. Did a little more gym work and some steep uphill treadmill work. Was doing 5 or 6. FTP actually continued to go up and running legs quickly built. 12 mi is furthest trail run to date and took 3rd in the trail 10K. FTP hasn’t dropped since last evaluation and still on track training for the Oz trails epic ride.


I agree with this 100%.

All that said – although I am trying to get 600 hours on the bike this year, I strength train twice a week, jog up the stairs at school instead of using the elevator (my classroom is on the third floor), and go for hikes with the dog.

Bone density. It is a known issue…

Yes! I need to remember this coming into the off-season (N. hemisphere).

Running + Strength.

I SUCK at doing workouts other than bike and a little stretching. I want to enjoy strength training. And I want to do it all at home in as little time as possible. But I haven’t found a good routine for that yet.