Protein Shake Recommendations

I’ve been told I need to increase my protein intake and that it will help me increase my FTP. It’s actually pretty low - about 80g per day max (my ftp is pretty low too :wink: 200w). I weigh 182lbs and I’m 54.

I’ve read Joe Friel’s “Fast after 50” book and he recommends increasing your protein intake as you get older although I was always under the impression that you should be reducing it as you get older to put less strain on the kidneys.

Anyway, I would like to start using a protein shake after workouts and was wondering what if any you use and recommend. I’m in the UK, so uk base protein only please.


Bulkpowders protein and complete series are great value for money. I’ve used them a lot and have had great experience with them.


I have no idea what is in the UK, but there are some things worth noting. Protein powder in notorious for being less pure than it should be. Heavy metal contaminants are a big issue as well as added off label performance compounds. Even at the recommendation of another athlete, one would still be wise to do their own research regarding what they are putting into their body. With that said, I have found 4 brands that seem pretty clean and clear of any contaminants or other nefarious additives.

Good luck and good riding!!


If you what something different than whey protein, you can try egg white protein

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Second the recommendation for Bulk Powders. Great selection of products for all tastes and dietary requirements.

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I use My Protein. Impact Whey Isolate, 22g protein 93 calories per serving. Have a look on there website, always have offers on. Natural strawberry and chocolate are my favorites.


2nd vote for My Protein, often get offers after the first order. Plenty of nice (and some less nice) flavours too.


Science in Sport Whey Protein is awesome. I’ve tried a bunch over the years, and the SiS powder tastes great and mixes really easily. Plus you have the benefit that SiS have rigorous testing of all their products and are on the Informed Sport list for safe supplements/nutrition.


I like Sfh pure whey protein. Comes from grass fed cows. Also like vega sport performance protein if you are looking for a plant based complete protein. I actually use vega the most.

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Athlean-rx X-lr8

If you are allergic to milk products I would stay away from whey protein. I like rice protein in plain or chocolate put in a blender with a banana and any other fruit you like.
I also like SIS but it is a bit pricy.

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I like the SIS Rapid Recovery shake after a workout. I found that after about a weeks use of it, I felt fresher going into the next ride.


Myprotein or bulk powders for me. I tend to go myprotein more, as I like their other products (bars etc) and I do find it mixes a bit better (this maybe just a feeling).

Wait for a sale, but I think both have been 45% off this week. It’s not unusual for them to go 50% plus off, but obviously you need to have a stock to play the long game.

Vanilla flavour my go to (I just buy the 5kg bag now), and then I add flavour drops if I want to change it up (I also use these in smoothies/ porridge/ natural yogurt).

Also, I find it works really well to add protein to foods rather than just a shake. I have either porridge, or a smoothie (milk/ berries/ banana/ oats/ whey) after workouts. I did try a recovery shake, with whey and carb mix, but I wasn’t convinced either by n=1 or the science.

I add whey to my porridge (after cooking, and going 3:1 liquid to porridge rather than 2:1), and natural greek yogurt. For me, with a sweet tooth, the whey adds enough sweetness that I don’t need honey or maple syrup or sugar.

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I like the TORQ stuff, although admittedly more for the flavours than anything else. I haven’t done any in depth research as to how good it is.

Strawberries & cream and cookies & cream both taste excellent and don’t give me the indigestion that I was getting from SIS REGO

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I don’t think there is an easy answer there. I tried loads and the different flavours have been gross to sublime and there have been ecstatic fans for each and every one (even Strawberry…).

I have converged on Optimum Nutrition (Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla). I take whey post exercise or during the day and casein in evening. YMMV.

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I’ve gone through many different protein powders and the one I can recommend fully is the recovery drink from SiS. It is actually more than an ordinary protein shake as it contains carbs although it really helps to combat the post-workout fatigue.

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Check out if you want a plant based one. Mixes really well, by far the best for a plant based protein shake i’ve tried.

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I love Raw Nutritional Vegan Pro chocolate Flavour. Mixes well with water and provides a creamy and frothy texture while making smoothies. It is also dairy-free, and is super kind to my stomach. They also have a vanila and coffee waffer flavor, but they have a mocha one, which is pretty close! Here’s a link: Hope this helps!

You should shy away from protein powders that are only whey and ones that have amino acids added to them (protein spiking). A protein powder should be a blend of whey, casein, egg or other proteins to spread the protein absorption out over time. A pure whey based protein powder has a very quick uptake and results in muscles not being able to absorb higher doses that those looking to add muscle or that are older need.

I use Jym Supplement Science products for numerous reasons. I’ll let you do your own reading and decide, but they do sell them in the UK. Best of luck. FWIW, I’m 50 and target 1-1.5g/lb per day of protein.

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My personal recommendation is to try Limitless Pharma BLOW pre workout for the pre workout, and for post workout try the Pure Whey Isolate. You can also drink BCAA POWER during your workout.