Tips on getting enough protein

Anyone have any tips on getting enough protein? i am currently using whey protien powder but frankly i am just getting tired of it. If i stop doing it my legs get super weak and heavy. I try to get in about 20-30grams at every meal but it just isnt enough by itself. Hoping you guys have some other options.

I rarely have whey as a shake. I have it in my porridge/ oat meal, mix in with overnight oats, mix with yogurt.

I do use bars as snacks, but planning on trying (again) to make my own.


What’s your weight? That sounds like a lot of protein, I think typically you’d have about 1.5 g/kg bodyweight per day in total, including protein from food.

Good sources of protein are meat and dairy, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts. However, even most carb-heavy foods like oats have some protein, so you really shouldn’t need to supplement at every meal.

Tired legs can easily be down to low glycogen, not protein. Eat more carbs!

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I keep posting this in different threads.
Because it’s my favorite easy guide to nutrition.

Lots of great info. Good examples of what to eat, when and how much. There are some great tables with carba and protein portions by food type and amount too.
Well worth reading.

The answer you are looking for is 7.
7 chicken breasts.

P.S. - I am not being paid by SF! I use TR!

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#1 Greek Yogurt. Very few calories and a lot of proteins. Look for the ones that have only milk as ingredient. Very versatile, you can mix it with salty or sugary ingredients.
#2 Cottage cheese. Same as above but it usually contains more sugar than the yogurt.


What do you weigh and how much are you training?

I would argue that, presuming you’re eating a reasonably balanced diet, if you’re getting enough calories, then you’re getting enough protein – unless you’re doing 15000kj weeks or something crazy like that.

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From what you are describing you are not taking enough carbs, not proteins.

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Hard boiled eggs. My secret training weapon.

Aren’t these g / kg bodyweight rules meant to mean g / kg LEAN bodyweight?

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Correct, it’s 1.5g/kg for lean body mass.

I’m 68kg and 12%, so roughly 60kg of lean mass (I include bone weight since it’s simply and not a ton extra), so baseline I shoot for 90g of protein on a regular day. I bump it up to 2g/kg LBM for hard training days just to be safe.


Unless the rest of your diet is protein free, this seems like too much.

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I’m one of those pesky vegetarians and even I don’t have too much trouble hitting my protein goals. Lentils, nuts, eggs, Greek yogurt and if I’m low for the day I’ll drink a pea protein shake. Whey doesn’t sit well with me for some reason.


I am 168 pounds, I eat a lot of Greek yogurt, chicken, turkey, oats, etc. I can’t do to many eggs bc it sends my cholesterol through the roof. I have tried eating more carbs but all that tends to do is make me gain weight. The extra protein is the only thing that seems to help my legs. I am a a ups guy, and I have noticed that when I am on vacation this isn’t as big of a concern, but as soon as I get back to it, The tired legs come right back. So it does seem that I just require a little more protein than normal. Anybody have any homemade protein bar recipes. I have tried a few and haven’t been to successful.

excess protein will be transformed to Glucose. I don’t think you (or anyone eating enough calories) lack Protein.

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Is that flavoured or unflavoured powder?

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Vanilla is my “go to” for porridge and in general, but strawberry works well with yougurt and overnight oats.

With yogurt, I have it with fruit salad/ berries, and normally cereal for some crunch (muesli/ granola or just corn or bran flakes)

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Meant to add, you can get flavour drops too. I use these in natural greek yogurt when I don’t need the extra protein of adding whey.

Greek Yogurt. Smash a tub of 500g twice a day :slight_smile:

Egg protein from bulk powders or my protein nice and simple and clean and a nice way to change it up.