Proper amount of time for a rest day / day off

Hi TR users.
I am hoping someone can give me a little insight into my question about length of time for a day off. I typically do my workouts at the same time each day. After my workout is done I typically have 20-24 hrs off before I start my next ride. If I am to take one full calendar day off, plus the time off on the days I have done a ride this rest period increases to roughly 44-48 hrs. Is 24 hrs in-between workouts adequate for my body to recover or should I look at the 44-48 hrs option.

I am currently doing the low volume half distance triathlon plan.

Thanks for the help

I would stick to your normal schedule. For example, you do your workout today (Wednesday) at 3pm. Take your rest day tomorrow (Thursday). And do your next scheduled workout Friday at 3pm.

This helps keep things consistent and if you suddenly change things up then you’re adding extra variables that may be detrimental.

A weekend is 2 days off, but it’s more than 48 hours between leaving work on Friday and starting work on Monday.

Don’t overcomplicate it. A day off is a day off. Take it.


Thanks guys

If you are doing high intensity then 24hrs is best for adaptations to let the body recover, otherwise 12hrs is good. I try and make 24hrs for HIT and 12hrs for base. I want to be able to get the most out of each and every session. Ive also found by allowing 12-24hrs I am not nearly as sore as I used to be trying to do them back to back with min recovery.

Thanks Rob