Privacy Concerns

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This is the highlight of the thread for me, and I think that something that TR should address. I would like to be able to be more open with making my TR workouts/account ‘more public’, but it needs a way like Strava has to not show the exact start/ends of the rides. My account has been private for a long time due to this.


In the hopes of moving this thread towards a productive conversation, I found the below article very interesting…Google is going to stop using 3rd Party Cookies, which sounds great…but maybe really isn’t.

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Yea I’d like for my TR page to be able to show my rides from Strava for stats and tracking, without having a zoom able map or a link to my Strava page. Ideally

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I’d need to search, but the all or nothing Public / Private switch was discussed a while back. We were discussion some intermediate options for things like sharing on the group or with a coach, without opening the whole kettle of fish.

I think there are is likely some middle option that would be beneficial for those that want to all some, but not full access.

Edit to add possible related discussions:


Oh while we are at little privacy enhancing features: Would be cool if you could backup the workout files to a cloud of your choice, not just Dropbox.

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Maybe an approved users list…
not that different from Strava “friends”

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I’d suggest you make a separate Feature Request for that, since it’s not really “privacy” related.

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Now that the concern has been raised, everyone has provided information on how you were asked, authorized, granted etc and none of that is satisfactory - delete your account if its that concerning.

TR complies with GDPR which is good as you’ll get with any tech company today. No matter how the EULA was approved, read, or not understood. At this point - if GDPR does not address your deeply held privacy concerns - this forum likely will not either.

@mcneese.chad - this thread screams out ‘lock me’


Why not simply mute it then and leave the discussion to others? After all there were some interesting points raised. Points were TR could improve. Also, the tone has improved by a lot.

  • To a point I agree. There is a display of “not being excellent” by far too many people and comments here. Some may not officially violate the forum guidelines, but we all know when shots are being taken, and they came from a number of angles here.

  • TR and I allowed this to reopen and remain an active discussion, because we feel that the core topic is worth discussion and potentially valuable to TR and users.

  • The exception though… is the we need members to post as I already reiterated above… with respect and goals of staying positive. If we do this, there is no problem to be had, and we can have a fruitful discussion.

At least partly off topic:

  • I have taken a light moderator hand at points recently. Recent and past criticism of me stifling discussion to the point of “censorship” claims… have left a bad taste in my mouth. So I let some comments and directions roll that I might otherwise have handled differently.

  • More than most people probably care to know, but it’s some background here that may shed light on some of the activity we’ve seen in the recent past.

  • I am hoping people will reconsider their posts and the point of this forum’s existence, which is ostensibly to help people and/or TR, and do what they feel is best towards that goal.

  • I am an admitted control freak, OCD type personality, but I take no joy in handling the negative tone and posts we have seen in a range of threads, this one included. It taints an otherwise helpful and positive place to learn about and share info on our silly little world.


Personally , I am not . But I can totally understand that others may be.
I don’t know if there is already, but I think there should be a privacy setting for those that don’t want their data shared with TR (or anyone else).
It’s worth checking out, earena.

Thanks. I could very well be proven wrong on this…but that was one of my main points of contention…that such a thing does NOT exist. That in effect you are forced to share all of your data with Trainerroad in order to use their service.

I’d be interested if Chad could weigh in and let us know with a definitive answer on this.

Fair point - thanks for raising a counter point

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I can’t provide “definitive” since I’m not a TR employee, but I am not aware of a way to use the essence of what TR offers (calendar, training plans, workouts and such) without providing some connection and sharing.

I guess it depends on exactly what part(s) a person wants to use with/from TR?
There might be a way to do it without the common connections, but I really don’t know.

If the goal here is for TR to offer something new/different, I’d suggest giving very specific goals and/or requirements of what you want from them and how you expect to use a service like this with limited connections. They can’t consider anything new without more specific info on what exactly is desired.

I’ve been off for a while - so thanks for the detailed update. I get the fine line you run as an active mod.



I dont even know if thats even possible…

I mean. You can always download the wo and set a bike computer to do it and then dont upload it.
But if you want to track progress, I dont see a way not to “share” data with TR.

Once again, proving yourself an excellent moderator here in the forums. Thanks for keeping us in line.

I’m always impressed with your patience with people who mistake you for the other Chad. Maybe @IvyAudrain or someone in charge of the boards could give you a custom tag like this:


@mcneese.chad should change his forum identity to @notcoachchad