Hiding Weight on TR (Feature Request)

Is there any way to hide weight from TR/ not have to enter it?

I know how FTP in watts/kg is a broadly used performance metric nowadays, however I am aware of people who are uneasy with monitoring weight (for various reasons), for whom having this kind of metric on the career page (and weight a mandatory field to complete upon registering) would be uncomfortable. Due to this, I also feel uneasy recommending TR to people who I know this could be an issue for.

I don’t want this to be a thread on how monitoring weight is important etc. For some people (I appreciate maybe a minority of cases) monitoring weight is a very sensitive subject.


(I realise entering an unrealistic figure of say 1kg is an option - but still could be good if FTP/kg can be hidden or you can opt out of entering weight altogether)


Edit the title to ‘feature request - hiding weight’. Its a good idea - it could at least be less prominent but i do believe some value is going to be needed for formulas to work down the road.

There is not a single control for weight visibility. Any user can set their TR account to “Private”.

This hides all info, including weight, from any public view or access.

i believe the OP is requesting to have it hidden (or less visible) to the user while on TR (vs. others). its at the top of your career page, if you have weight / body issues seeing it every time you log in is a bummer.


Thanks Chad/ berto2cj - yep it’s more to hide from your own profile so its not out front each time you log on, as opposed to being visible to public.

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you could use it as a motivator? Im trying to loose weight and this is what I do.

Understood. Just sharing the other option in case that was an issue for you or others who may read this thread.


One person’s motivation is another person’s de-motivator (there is probably a better word for that).

My point is that it’s not our place to pick and choose what works for others.

This is a particular Feature Request and it should remain exactly that.


Appreciate the point and can see how having weight displayed like this can be a motivator. However its not solely an issue around feeling/ being overweight and losing weight - there are a number of reasons why some may feel uncomfortable knowing or measuring their weight.

Some of the cases I am aware of, for example, relate to people who have overcome eating disorders in the past but still feel uncomfortable knowing (let alone monitoring) their weight.


Agreed - its a request for a feature which allows a small customisation for people to apply however and for what ever reason they wish.

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Would you entertain a conversation about the merits of this feature now that you’ve logged it as a request?

I’m still curious about how it would be useful

It lowers the risk of people who are struggling with eating disorders (for many it’s more like remission than “overcoming”) to have to be confronted with weight as something they should worry about at all. Weight monitoring isn’t strictly necessary for recreational training so having an option to disable it or enable it for that matter seems like an easy fix.

This is a difficult conversation to have among competitive cyclists for obvious reasons. But any debate about how “all bike racers engage in disordered eating” would derail the really important point of the OP that some people come into training with prior pathologies and we should make sure we make this as healthy an experience as can be. So I’d appeal to everyone to not feel like this describes them just because their partner sometimes says “you’re too skinny.”


I certainly would.

As I have written above there could be many reasons why knowing and monitoring body weight is uncomfortable for some people. However, some of the cases I am specifically aware of relate to people who have overcome eating disorders in the past and still do not feel comfortable knowing or monitoring their weight. These are people who are now incredibly talented athletes and I would like to recommend Trainerroad to, having had a great experience with the product myself.

Having to enter their weight upon registering and have a weight related metric displayed to them each time they log on is something which, in these cases, would be beneficial to be able to opt out of.


Right. In my view this is a “makes you faster feature” because it widens the appeal of TR among people who might be strong athletes.


Very well put.

To top and tail the original point with the same clarification - this isn’t about how relevant body weight/ composition and nutrition is to cycling performance. - (Thank you to the TR podcast for fascinating discussions on these topics!). - It is an altogether slightly different issue.

Like this idea. Nothing wrong with more options, especially privacy and visibility controls. TrainerRoad goes woke :slight_smile:

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A quick fix is if you are running an Adblocker extension for your web browser you can block the weight field like it’s an Ad.

I’m running UBlock Origin in Chrome. I right clicked the Weight field at the top of the Career page then in the menu clicked “Block Element”. You can then select the whole weight field and then in the box at the bottom right click “Create”. It will now be gone.


The specific CSS element is: .global-tooltip.group-weight.user-data–group


That’s interesting. Thanks for explaining. It just seemed strange to me that someone serious enough to take on structured training would want to hide certain metrics. That’s not to say I disagree with your feature request or don’t sympathise with people with eating disorders, it just seems like a strange mixture of preferences.

Several of my friends have had eating disorders and, yes, this is a serious impediment to them using TR.

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Baller AF right here