TrainerRoad on Strava or keep it on the down-low?


Following a few comments that I am crazy sitting on a turbo on a sunny day I have disconnected TR from strava. I guess some people just dont understand the additional benefits of structured training.

To be fair I still do a long ride most weeks outside and run/swim outside but the TR posts on strava seem to be frustrating people.

Have others decided to remove their virtual rides from strava for similar reasons?


I push to Strava but leave the rides private just because I figure no one cares about seeing a bunch of trainer rides in their feed.


I don’t care what others think. On the plus side most of the cyclists I know are aware I’m training rather than riding so “get” it.

I do actually hide my strava in the main but that’s more because many of my strava connections are also racing competitors and I don’t want them spotting the trend in my weak spots. That’s possibly a little paranoia creeping in…


If someone is annoyed by seeing or TR activities on strava they should stop folowing you :slight_smile: my strava is connected and public but if I had to do something it would be putting strava locked instead of public and that way maintaining to me all my training in strava so I can have a look.


Good shout! Is there a way to make all virtual rides private or do you have to adjust every ride?


I only keep my outdoor rides on Strava. Not because they dont like it, I just donlt like people seeing my trainings,values etc.

If everyone trains with TR then how are we going to beat them : :)))))))


Exactly this


Why don’t you make them private?

i make all activities private by default, then just unhide the outside rides i want to share

wish strava was better at this. my feed is clogged up with people’s 15 min commute rides. i understand why people upload them (you want your weekly mileage accurately reflected etc) but why can’t i hide rides that have been tagged as ‘commute’ or ‘indoor’ or whatever.

i can’t actually see what use tagging a ride as a commute does in strava? there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do with that


same. my trainer sessions are all on private by default. my friends thought i have stopped cycling for 6 months. :smiley:


So are all of your rides private and then you manually make the outdoor rides public?


that’s what I’ve started doing, wasn’t getting enough kudos when posting 6 times a week :wink:



I do the same as japes. I have Strava set so that all my rides are private. Then when I do an outdoor ride I manually make it public. With the indoor stuff I’m not looking at it in Strava generally, I just push it there as a backup and so that I can sync to Golden Cheetah, with the outdoor stuff it’s usually a group ride, so I’m jumping on to kudos others or comment, so I flip my ride to public while I’m at it.

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I don’t know but could it be that Strava sells its route data to local authorities so they can get a better handle on what the commuter routes may be?

Comments on the Strava posts of TR rides stating that one is crazy for sitting on an indoor trainer on a sunny day would be no disuasion for me. Then again, one of my teammates has been known to carry his trainer out to his Manhattan small rooftop-ish deck for a workout in the spring sun, so who says you’re indoors? :smile:
I do as others do who have replied here - by default my workouts are private and I manually flip them within Strava later.
I can appreciate various reasons for wanting to keep the TR workouts private in Strava. Similarly, I would prefer to keep my workouts in TR private in TR, but as of late I don’t due to the inability to have members of my TR team be able to see my workouts if the private setting is on. I like my teammates to see my consistency, and to encourage them to get on TR and keep after it. Two of them tried TR this past winter and liked it. Anything I can do to prompt them to stay active, I do. They have plenty of workplace and family pressures to let their conditioning/health slide in order to prioritize other things.


i always push to strava…why because i like trainerRoad and want to give them all thee free press i can. more people use it the better it gets. why keep a good thing a secret


Yes. I do post them on my strava account. I love looking at my triathlon group and seeing that i’m the one who put the most time in my training during that week :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, and I’ll add that the long list of stuff I don’t like about Strava. Strava is the classic example of a company that got a critical mass of users, then did… nothing. Landscape mode for their app? Nope. Realtime heartrate or speed? Nope. More controls over what is private and what isn’t? Nope. Random errors in the UI, like my location showing as “null null, null” (I’m a software engineer by trade… that one makes me laugh and cry at the same time)? Strava is a mess. It’s like nobody at the company actually uses Strava.

Still… I use Strava as my aggregator. All my workouts go there, then they also go to the places I care about. They are still really good at that.


absolutely agree. would love a competitor to strava to come about if only to spur them into actually making some improvements.

was going to have a big strava moan there but i’ll save it for another thread! :smiley:

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