Powertap powercal as heart rate monitor only


Looking to use the Powertap powercal strap only as a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, but during device pairing, I only have the option to add it as a Power Meter. Anybody know how I can use it only as the HR monitor with TrainerRoad, using the CycleOps Hammer as smart trainer.

Similar experience on both iPad and Android device.


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same issue - and TR won;'t display my HR

Same experience, makes training not much fun.
Dropped a mail to the support address, will keep you posted.


Support got back to me in a surprising time. PowerCal HR-only functions are not possible and not yet on the roadmap of Trainerroad.
Although a bit dissapointing I like the clear answer. Bought a bluetooth HR meter for €30,- and got back to training. Succes all, keep on training.


I had extensive discussions with the support engineers and even the PowerCal support engineers. I received the message protocol format from PowerCal and confirmed that (of course) it contains the HR info as a unique field. TR support eventually confirmed that they don’t extract that field as they condsider the PowerCal as a PowerMeter device object. They would have to make a lot of code changes to reclassify the PowerCal as a HR monitor. TR support said this was not on their roadmap. It is certainly not hard to implement, just not a priority for them. We need to have all PowerCal users email Nate so they know this is a community priority