Powertap Powercal

Has anyone used the Powercal for Power/ TSS estimates?

Circumstances mean more commutes at the moment (no power meter due to bike security at work), and while I can use RPE in TrainerRoad, I thought the PowerCal might remove that need. Also, i’ve no power meter on my mountain bike, which comes out to play more in the winter.

I already use a HRM, and up until now have based the RPE on the HrTSS in Training Peaks. However, the calendar functions here and coming mean I’m ditching the Training Peaks account.

So is the PowerCal worth it for their estimates and the for my pure laziness at having to go in and update the rides? The reviews seem to suggest over a ride it’s not too bad - I wouldn’t be using it to train by, just for the TSS estimates really.

I did for some gravel rides. Far from perfect, but gets you in a ball park for overall stress. Try to ignore any peaks as it really gets odd at times. For steady-ish state rides, it is reasonable. But for interval type work, it really is no help.

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I had one for a couple of seasons, prior to getting a PM, and looking back over those seasons my calculated power output on the PowerCal was a little on the high side. So much so that I have had to exclude all PowerCal rides from PRs as they are not an accurate reflection of actual power. Not a problem if you are using for TSS although it is likely to mean that the TSS given will be higher than your actuals. I put them in the same bracket as Virtual Power off a trainer.

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