Powercal Trainerroad pairing

I have a Powercal strap that converts heart rate into an estimated power reading. I am using it while doing indoor cycling classes and it was working great, showing up on my Trainerroad app on my phone. But about 4 days ago it started freezing my power numbers and I would have to turn off my phone to log out. Then yesterday it sopped displaying any readings at all. The power unit at the cycling class indicated a signal from my Powercal, but my phone app no longer seemed to recognize it. I have tried to pair them together again but can’t seem to recall how to best do it. I remember some additional step needed for Powercal last time I paired them, but I don’t recall the specifics. I placed a new battery in it 2 months ago and will again replace the battery, but I doubt that is the problem. Does anybody recall how to pair these two together? Seems like it was a bit different than a traditional powermeter.

I had one of those things several years ago, received it free from a random blog that was offering them from Saris. I remember pairing being challenging and I pulled the battery numerous times to try to get it to pair with Strava.

I gave up trying it when I realized the power numbers for any effort shorter than about 5 minutes were not that accurate for me, even less useful when mountain biking. I think heart rate and RPE alone would be better, but that’s just my 1.5 cents.

I don’t disagree. I just had this thing working up until about 4 days ago and then it went to crap.