Powerlink Zero Backpedal Question

First off, I love my Powerlink Zeros. I’ve been using them almost a year now and am very satisfied.

However I have one issue/question that has bugged me for a while. Previously, I was getting my power data during a TR workout from a quarq. I could backpedal during a workout and the power would drop to zero while the timer would still progress. With my Powerlink Zeros, if I chose to backpedal, the workout stops and I have to restart wherever I left off. Both PMs were used in tandem with a kickr.

This must be a setting that I’ve missed. Can anyone help me out with what I’m missing?

Have you checked the Pedal / Pause setting?

I have not. Where is that setting located?

In the app, Settings, General subsection (at least on Win app).