Dumb Question - Auto Pause On or Off?

In difficult rides, Coach Chad might recommend taking a short 10sec break then pushing through, instead of bailing on an interval. Do you guys turn off auto pause for this to work? Can it be toggled on/off?

His recommendation is to back pedal (I.e. pedal backwards) for 10 secs. This won’t activate auto pause (as works off cadence) but still has zero resistance.

Ah ok. Thanks very much!

When I backpedal, my workout stops. When I pedal, it is like pedaling through mud. Is there a setting I am missing that does not pause my workout when I backpedal for 5-10 seconds?

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That experience varies directly with the setting and the cadence device in use.

  • Simple cadence counters can’t tell the difference between forward or backward pedaling.
  • Some power meter cadence devices (crank arm and pedals) CAN tell the difference and may or may not report cadence when pedaled backwards.

So, the answer is “it varies” depending on equipment, as well as the simple setting in the app.

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And my wheel on trainer is the cadence sensor so back pedalling would pause as well.

I don’t really understand why anyone would want auto-pause to ever be on.
With it off, if I take a 10 sec break, everything seems to work fine. On the RARE occasion that I actually want to pause the workout, I can touch the pause button in the upper left corner.

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I’ll be turning mine off. Always forget before I start a workout.

I find auto pause really useful for training on rollers. If you start the workout, cast it to your TV, connect bluetooth headphones and then get on the bike it is a pain if the workout is running. Same for toilet breaks; stop, get off run over to computer & pause, before reversing process. On a turbo trainer I generally prefer it off.

I guess that makes sense. I use the phone app with the phone on my bars so I never really thought about having to go across the room to start/pause a workout. My bigger trouble is sweat drops landing on the touch screen and pausing it or changing intensity…

I used to have auto-pause enabled, since this is also how you “pedal to start workout.” But with a left-only power meter, it meant that single-leg drills would pause my workout when I switch to the right leg. It also let me take mini breaks that I always told myself were shorter than they really were.

I have disabled auto-pause, and think my workout compliance has improved (fewer, shorter breaks). I do wish there was a mini-countdown when resuming a workout, though, to give me 3 seconds to clip in and get going after tapping the “resume” button on the keyboard. But whatever, first world problems.

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I tend to start pedaling again while still paused. Once power is up to (or near) target I unpause the workout. Probably works best if the pause is during a rest interval, though.


Not to mention the times I fall off my rollers #RollerNOOB

While we’re talking about falling off Rollers I will mention my worse crash on rollers.

I was doing so using the TV light on a TT bike. Outside it was dark. The film entered a dark period. After an initial thought of it being fine & the dark bit would be temporary it all went wrong. Moved on to the bullhorns & waited for the inevitable. Eventually front wheel slipped over right edge and I fell on my right hand, which was trapped holding the bullhorn between the bar and floor. Hurt wrist lasted for weeks.

My main learning was to have some sort of backup light so you have a light source. I invested in a TV backlight. Secondly, if you are falling let go of the bars and bring your arms in like if you are playing rugby at school. If I’d fallen on my shoulder/hip I’d have just thought how stupid I was and forgotten it. Instead I couldn’t use my dominant hand for weeks & had reminders every few minutes.