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Just signed up and am floundering around a bit, so I apologize if this has been addressed. My first workout after a ramp test was Ericcson. I’m sure he is a very nice guy but the messaging spoke about single leg drills. But I quickly learned that (beside sucking at it) my single crank arm power meter obviously only reported one leg. Doing the other one, the system would pause itself which I thought a little odd as the rpms were still coming though of course the power went to zero. I assume my lesson here is to practice these outside the TR system? I’m on a dumb fluid trainer btw.

They just talked about this on thier podcast! Rather than explain myself take a quick listen. See the link and click the section about Should I Skip Pedeling Drills.


Exact same boat.

My solution is to do SLD during a pre-TR workout warm-up/cool down, when commuting, or when I do non-TR rides (either indoor or outside). Always a way around these things.

If you spend 10 min in warm-up and 10 min in cool down doing SLD your pedalling will get smooooth in no time at all. SLD are not all about power so don’t worry about not having a reading when you do them.

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Since you have a single sided power meter, single leg drills will be problematic. That said, they don’t have to pause your workout. All you have to do to prevent this workout from pausing is go into settings and turn off the Pedal to Play/Pause feature. While you won’t get power readings during the single leg drills, the workout won’t pause when using your right leg. :slight_smile:


Understood. @joshuam linked the podcast and the podcast has a great index which brought me to the right place on the video. In the podcast, I believe Nate said “so it won’t auto pause if the cadence goes to zero” (abt 01:09:17 in the podcast) using a setting somewhere. But my Giant Defy has Ridesense which I think the speed/cadence numbers are fed from. Did Nate mean when power goes to zero?

For my first round of sweet stop base training, I turned off the Power Meter Sync. It’s a luxury I have, since I’m on the Kickr Core. Single leg drills work really well now.