Power Target Calculation from FTP

Apologies if this has been asked before but I wasn’t sure what to search for!

Is there a calculation which gives you a recommended power target based on your FTP for 1 sec, 5 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min?

TR very helpfully gives me my Personal Records but how would I know if each duration was in line with my FTP and/or where I may have gaps?

I’ve heard people saying “my 1 min power isn’t as good as my 5 min power”. How would you know what was in line with your FTP? Maybe I’m missing something!


There is no simple answer. People with identical FTP can have very different values for any and all of those other values. It varies based on personal physiology, training history and other factors.

There are some charts and values outside of TR that attempt to classify riders based on their values, but FTP is not a single predictor for those other values.

Resources on the broader topic.



If you want to know how much power you can produce for a certain time then go out and test it.

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If you want a percentile ranking, sure, no problem…go to https://fft.tips/rankme and enter your results at any time period (the times are all editable) and it will tell you your percentile (look below in the sheet for a graph vs FTP). If you want to reverse calculate the point on the power curve you will be with a certain FTP then that’s in this sheet: https://fft.tips/bonk (just enter the future event time for a predicted power at the bottom of the sheet). regards

I know all of my power PR’s but I wanted to know if say e.g. my 5 sec power was in line with my 20 min power or if there’s a part of my power profile I am lacking. Purely for interest!

Short power, say below 10 minutes, is not a fixed % of your FTP. And short power varies widely between people.

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Really useful (but maybe not as simple as I thought!), thank you.

It wasn’t particularly to change my training, more for interest and nice to have something to reference.

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I have used the concept of Critical Power to do just that.

  • Welcome to the world of training, where pretty much nothing is simple. :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread talks about what you’re referring too

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Brilliant! Thank you. I was sure it would’ve been covered before but wasn’t sure what to search for.

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If you can get yourself a copy of “Training & Racing with a Power Meter” book then it’s discussed in there as it’s a way of deterring your phenotype.

A quick google searched turned the following up: