Power zones feel off

Hello people,

So i just got a power meter and did an ftp test, two actually. A 20 minute one and the 2x8 minute one. With the 2x8 one being 4 watts higher.
Now for my questing.
The standerd training zones percentages and the corresponding duration’s are WAY off. I can hold the high stuff for way longer then the charts say and my ftp feels about right while doing the 2x10mile tt test.
My ftp is 330W with me weighing 97kg at about 18-20% body fat. I do think that my PM is reading high but I went back to the store with it and told me it was on point. I started cycling in februari of this year.

Much thanks,

I’m not saying the PM is off, but how did the shop know it was working correctly? Did they try and calibrate it with a known weight?

To be honest I haven’t got a clue.

I guess they gave it a spin while knowing their own power. My friend rode it and that seemed to be much more human for starting the same time i did.

Could you also do a Ramp test? It takes some practice to get these longer FTP tests right but during the Ramp test you will suffer really hard only for about 3 minutes. Just make sure you are rested before doing it.

Ramp test should give you about the same number as you got before. If it is much higher, that means you have under-performed in your previous tests (which is fine).

I’ll give it a try tonight. But the ability to suffer is there and the pacing as well after learning to time trial without a PM.

Depending on your individual power curve it could be skewed towards the shorter durations. For workouts with these types of intervals you might need to bump the intensity up a bit.

What is the way to figure out what your individual power curve is?

Good question!

Might be a good place to start. Possibly some cp or map testing. Often you can see it from general riding and racing efforts.

Much thanks!