Kickr Core power fluctuations

Since the temps have been rising where I live, I moved my bike to the cellar. Ever since moving the Kickr, I’m having all sorts of problems with it. Sometimes it only reports what looks like half the watts I’m putting out, other times I can’t succeed a calibration for days on end. Today, I had to stop my training because it just didn’t feel right. My power kept fluctuating.

I run a kickr core, the trainerroad beta app through TestFlight, and a power2max NGEco in power-match mode.

This is my session from a couple of hours ago.

Any tips to resolve this?

Since you’re running powermatch from a separate power meter - what makes you so sure the problem is the kickr and not the power meter?

Edit: To clarify - you need to remove a variable. Unpair the power meter, or set it to cadence only, and see what the experience is like. Make sure the problem is the trainer - right now it could be an issue with either device

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Since you are using TrainerRoad PowerMatch, there is not much apparent benefit of calibrating the trainer. TR says it may help to calibration the trainer, but it is not necessary. As long as the power meter is zero offset, that should be all that is needed for typical use.

However, maybe you are having new issues due to the move, and the trainer is somehow messed up. You may want to do the “advanced/factory spindown” and then the regular spindown after that.


Thanks for the quick replies guys.

I suspect it’s the trainer because I don’t notice any odd behaviour of the powermeter during my outside rides, but I will unpair the powermeter before my next session to hopefully zone in on the problem.

I will also do a advanced spindown before starting the session.

That’ll be on Friday, since I’m not at the house tomorrow. I’ll keep this thread updated!

Again, thx for the advice!

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Okay, an update on the problem.

Last week I turned off my power meter and did a factory spindown. It did not succeed the first time. After the second spindown, my power in the app was fairly consistent.

Until the next session, when the trouble started all over. The pattern I see is that the power is fine for the first 4-5 seconds of a session, and then it falls to half the watts, of even below that number.
I did another spindown, which succeeded, but the trainer only seems to be reporting speed, and not watts.

I ticked ‘use cadence only’ in the TR app for the power meter as well, but the trainer doesn’t report any power there either.

It takes me half an hour every time to get to training, after a whole lot of trial and error, regular spindowns, factory spindowns, until something seems to start working like it should, all to do it all again two days later…

Any tips, or is this a matter for costumer service?

Have you tried connecting the Trainer to any other software to test, like Zwift or the Wahoo app? It sounds like you probably need to contact Wahoo Customer Support at this point. If the trainer is failing in a spindown then it might be something more serious.

I have a Kickr Core and it has been really solid. I also run the beta app through TestFlight. I do not use PowerMatch though.

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Hate to break it to you, but I had this problem as well, and it was a fault with the Kickr Core. Certain models of the Kickr Core did not have static protection and a static charge can cause the unit to malfunction. Essentially, when you moved the unit, it may have in advertently created a static discharge that made it malfunction (mine happened literally moving it across the room). Contact Wahoo support. They’ll ask for some materials from you for proof. They replaced mine free of charge as it was a known issue at the time.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.
I tested in the wahoo app and in the trainerroad app. Same results.

I will now file a warranty request with the reseller.