Erratic Resistance

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr (v5) and I’m running TR from Android, talking to the Kickr via Bluetooth. The kickr is in ERG mode.

Yesterday I did the ramp test, and this morning a recovery ride. In both cases resistance on the trainer seemed to be cycling. Its like its hunting for the right resistance for the target power, and most of time, it fails to find it. It seems to cycle between just shy of enough resistance, to a fraction of the right resistance (it never seems to go over). Today all it needed to was a steady state 98 watts. It was all over the place. I was previously using Wahoo Systm without any problems.

After the issues with ramp test, I tried a few things, I did a calibration this time, and turned off the acceleration smoothing on the kickr. Neither seemed to help at all.

Any chance you were connected to another app or device? What you describe (specifically the up/down cycling load) happens if two apps are trying to set the resistance to the trainer.

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Turn off every Bluetooth device in the house except the one that runs TR and it should work fine. If so, then turn things on one by one until you find the other device causing the problem.

When I was using the kickr with Wahoo Systm, it was via a MacBook Pro. It must be the MBP that’s causing the issue. Thanks!


Do you have a power meter on your bike? When i switched to adaptive training, My bike power meter somehow connected and seemed to be competing with the wahoo. Power was all over the place.

No power meter on the bike connected to the Kickr. Just the power meter on the Kickr itself.

Very well could be another device trying to control the trainer. Make sure you don’t have the bluetooth and ant+ receiver paired to trainerroad.

Also, just having the trainerroad app running at the same time is enough to cause issues.
My girlfriend was using Trainerroad, I launched the app on my own computer to check my calendar and it started messing up her trainer.


Yup, even the lack of sending a specific power value is at odds with an app that is trying to set a resistance value. You get this tog-of-war or yo-yo thing between the two app’s values. Once you feel it and confirm that’s the problem, it’s easy to identify that is what’s happening. The challenge sometimes is finding that other rogue app/device to kill it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I know. I’m fairly sure it was my laptop. I had been talking to the Kickr from the laptop. I turned Bluetooth off on the laptop now, and I plan to do a short test in the morning to see everything is good again.


I bet this is it and you’ll find it works ok in your test - I had the exact same issues with my laptop and phone both interfering with each other and the Kickr

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That was, in fact, the problem. With the bluetooth on the laptop turned off, it was fine.