Power imbalance

I got power imbalance on the right (stronger) 53/47. Is this big deal? Shall I work out to correct it?

53/47 isn’t extreme I’d say it’s in the normal range. We are all bit wonky. My advice don’t worry about it.
If you want to try something Single leg squads may tell you there’s a difference and you could build up one legs strength and see if that brings it close. Also minor bike position changes may bring you closer.

I’ve just bought some Assioma Pedals and my left side is dominant which surprised me, however I broke my right leg years ago and there is a slight height difference. When i watch my pedaling my right toe is slightly pointed.

I’ve ordered a Shim kit for cleats and looking to try and fix the discrepancy. Im going to get some proper foot levelers as well.

Hope to see an improvement overall.

Hugh, South Australia