L/R imbalance - stronger leg is the weaker side?

Hi everyone,

I have a weird issue. My L/R balance is almost always close to 55/45. However it’s really strange because my stronger leg is the right.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? If so, have you been able to fix it? Could this be a fit issue?

While it could be a number of different things, including possible hardware issues with your PM, I would guess that the most likely thing is that your stronger leg in the gym is not your stronger leg on the bike.

What PM are you using to get L/R? If it is based on a shimano crank, they are notorious for the right side reading low

I have the Assioma DUO pedals which seem to be fairly accurate from what I read.

I have a twisted pelvis to the right and this is what I experience as well. My thinking is I’m more weighted to the right and that side doesn’t get the full ROM push as the weak leg that measures higher. I also suspect it has to do with how the power is measured as I think I’m getting a little more “pull up” on the right side and the pedals aren’t able to differentiate whether the power is coming from the push on the left or the pull on the right to generate power.

Either way, the answer is to work on off the bike stability through trunk and gluteal muscles to stabilize the hips. Also potentially work with a knowledgeable fitter that can potentially advise on wedges or other adjustments to potentially stabilize things.

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Following this thread as I’m in exactly the same position as OP. I’m right handed but my L/R balance is typically 55/45, sometimes up to 57/43 on easy rides and gets closer to 52/48 at or above threshold. I am also running Favero Assioma Duos.
I was previously running a left sided only powermeter, the Vector 2S and really hoped my FTP would go up when I switched to dual-sided but experienced the opposite :frowning:


I got the same! 55/45 on easy rides. More to 50/50 by intenser blocks. Using P2M

I wonder if the dominant leg is actually the physically stronger leg. Maybe the non-dominant leg is stronger?

It most likely has to do with how you weigh the pedals, which might have to do with leg length, pelvic orientation, or just plain how you sit on the saddle. Even which hand you lift off makes a difference.

I only have a left-sided pm, but I can easily get 40W power swings by taking a hand of the bars.

Me too. Though I would say “Dominant leg” (the right one) is weaker in a TT position. (Dominant being prefered leg for kicking a ball).

The analysis by a physio of my strength in a TT position (where I am often 55/45 L/R) in contrast to road bike (50/50) is that I have a weak hip flexor in my weaker dominant right leg. I use exercises to strengthen it. (Readings off Vector 3 pedals)

Do bear in mind that a 55/45 percentage reading actually means (55-45)/45 difference so the real difference is not simply 10% (ie 55-45) but nearer 20% (10/45). Think about it :slight_smile: (Not many realise that!)


What do you mean with strengter and dominanter legs? With 55/45 L/R my left leg is stronger and the right leg is more dominant? I use a P2M that calculate the difference (so pulling up with right leg, will looks like the left leg will do less work).

I have also 55/45 with Z2 rights etc and when iam going more to FTP he balance going more to 50/50

I have added to my post to clarify weaker and dominant legs. Weaker - lower percentage of power reading. Dominant, the leg I would naturally kick a ball with.

Also I use dual sided vector 3 pedals so it is directly measuring both legs.

Any further details available on this?

I am running Duos on Shimano cranks and consistently have a 54/46 balance favouring my left leg which did surprise me.

I am not particularly worried about it. It doesn’t seem to be a problem. The more power I’m putting out the closer I get to 50/50z

Have you got a past history in a particular sport? I’ve read that its common that football (soccer) players have stronger “weak side” legs because it’s the leg they most often stand on when they kick.

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thank you. I kick a ball with right, but my left leg give higher power numbers, but only in the lower zones. Do i need to think about training hip flexors and glutes coördinaten and stabilization?

If it’s only in the lower zones I wouldn’t worry too much about it to be honest. No harm in working on your pedal stroke but not at the detriment of other training - I doubt it is a limiter for you especially if your balance gets closer to 50/50 when at FTP.


Correct. Also being a regular in snowboarding.

Aha, same here. Regular snowboader as well

I’ve noticed the exact same thing. I kick everything with my right leg, however, that’s the “weaker” leg on the bike. I’m also around 55/45 and have Favero Assiomas. This is interesting.


No answer or reason but I have exactly the same - more dominant right leg but power balance consistently around 54/46, using assioma duos as well.

The suggestion about more lift from the right hamstring when the left leg is pushing down is interesting but I don’t know how the Assiomas measure power at different points in the pedal stroke. I guess a strain gauge in the pedal so it wouldn’t measure any impact from the right side?

This could lead to your left left being stronger, as more of the time it is supporting your weight. And supporting your weight when you are doing something dynamic / subject to twisting forces.