Power Imbalance Correction?

So I;ve finally updated to dual sided power and in looking at the data I. seeing that my left side is on average 40 watts lower than my right. My left left has had a tough go of it, 3 knee surgeries over 6 years and a hip injuries about a year ago.

So how can I get my left leg more inline with my right? I’ve been doing PT for a white and not seeing any improvements. I find that when I add stretching to my evening route, my left feels better, but I still have flat power on that side.

Open to any and all suggestions.

What kind of power meter do you have? Is it based on a Shimano crankset by any chance?

I have had one knee surgery and diagnosed hip FAI with labral tear on my right side plus noticeable muscle imbalance.

Im sure a gym instructor could advise you and I’m not in anyway an expert but I found single leg exercises the best, in particular forward lunges, Bulgarian split squats (starting with body weight then adding weights) plus resistance band work…I generally do a ratio of 2:1 right v left. So nothing too complicated, I can do them at home and I find it sustainable and effective…

In 6 months I’ve eliminated all pain from my hip and addressed my muscle imbalance. Coincidentally got a two sided stages recently and I’m apparently almost exactly 50/50

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Assamo pedal based, and yep it’s on a Shimano crankset.

Adding these exercises to the rotation. I did a ton a stretching before my ride today and saw a small gain. Felt better too.

I’m asking because @GPLama has recently been revealed that the power measurements on the crank side are much more inaccurate than what the power meters have been rated for. Since you use pedals to measure power, it doesn’t apply to you.