Power Got Stuck πŸ˜’

Hello team,

I am back to using PowerMatch after a couple of months. I paired my BKOOL PRO 2 as well as my Quarq Power Meter with the Trainer Road App and started my workout but at one point, it felt super easy (like if the ERG mode got disconnected and suddenly, things were just extremely easy), so I tried pumping the intensity to 112%, nothing changed, then I shifted all gears to the hardest one, and that finally lifted the power from 110 to the 170 target, but shortly after doing this, the Power just got stuck at 172 and it stayed there for a minute or two when I noticed that it had backed off again to the point where it felt extremely easy (as though I was doing less than 100 watts, but the screen was still stock on 172).

Please see the yellow line in the following screen shot:

I ended up unpairing the Power Meter and pairing it again, and that made it work, but it was annoying and unproductive.

Luckily this was just an easy ride (Pettit), but I remembered this also happened to me a while ago while I was doing a Ramp Test and it made that test a waste of time. That was 4 months ago and it pissed me off so much that I just stopped using PowerMatch with the Quarq Power Meter, and started using the Power Meter built in BKOOL instead. But I want to using PowerMatch again so I can have more accurate TSS data when I go outside (since the power data from Quarq is very different than the one from BKOOL).

Has anyone experienced this?
What caused the power to get stock?
How can I prevent this from happening again?

I want to go back to using Quarq and PowerMatch but I can’t if this issue goes on and it would be a bummer if this same issue happens again next week on the last ramp test prior to my A event (so the most critical time of the year for me to have accurate training zones)…

Here is a related thread about β€œstuck power”

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Thanks, that’s it. I will take it from there.

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