Powermatch stopped matching

Let me preface this by saying that trainerroad desktop app wouldnt load at all on my laptop this morning, so i re-downloaded it and installed fresh.

I normally ride with Powermatch on (Tacx Neo in ERG matching to P2M type S). Lately i have been struggling with V02 max intervals, dialing down the power to 95%.

In todays first interval my target power was as expected, but powermatch wasnt increasing my trainer setpoint despite constantly being below target. The effect was that interval was more like 90% of target.

I got around it by pushing the workout back to 100%, which combined with the power undershoot gave me roughly my 95% workout, but man it was psyching me out not being able to hit the target on the screen!

After the ride i went in to check my device config for the trainer and the powermatch option was missing… Anyone else seen this?

Does appear strange as your rest interval valleys don’t appear to show the same percentage loss? I guess a smaller number percentage wise might be hard to see.

Myself, I haven’t seen that though last night after my workout my desktop app did say it would update when restarted so I will look out for that tonight.

Maybe worth reaching out to Trainerroad support in case it’s a bigger issue: support@trainerroad.com

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Make sure that your power meter is paired and you haven’t set “cadence only” by mistake - otherwise the powermatch button should definitely be there - reach out to trainerroad support…

Thanks guys, yeah I have already reached out to support, but being in an opposite time zone thought I’d ask here as well!

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Today I unpaired and then repaired the power meter and then the power match option came back and worked for the entire workout. Not sure what happened but its working now!

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