Ramp test - FTP down but a win!

Just completed a ramp test and was pretty disappointed to see a 2w reduction after feeling strong for the past couple of weeks. However when I dug into the numbers my final two steps had the same power. I’m taking this as being able to hold about the same power as my last test, but for twice as long, so a win there I think.

My cadence was exactly the same for each step - any idea why erg didn’t really seem to kick in? I’m on a Hammer H3 trainer.

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If your account is Public, share a link and we will take a closer look.

I’m public but how do I share?

Open your workout in a web browser, copy the like at the top, and paste here.

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Ah, obvious!


Do you normally have ~150w variance in power during workouts? Is this erg or resistance mode?

Erg mode with power smoothing turned off

There is a slight decay in cadence, but not bad at all. Not sure why the power seemed to miss the last step?

The power looks like it was performed outside rather than a trainer, that’s some big variation!

Were you using powermatch?

Yes power match is on

Yeah, looks a lot like the ‘power gets stuck’ problem. If you email TR support, they can take a look at the log file and see if there were any error messages from the trainer or anything like that.

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Were you in a big enough gear?

If in the 34-28 or equivalent your trainer might have run out of resistance that it can add through erg.

What kind of seismograph were you using?

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I was in the big ring. Power doesn’t seem too variable to me considering smoothing is turned off. Or maybe it is, I don’t know!

I had a Bluetooth speaker on so maybe that’s interfering. I’ll email TR support see if there’s any log of an error

I had the same problem using powermatch during a ramp test during the last step. I kept pedaling but the power never went up. I now never use powermatch during the ramp tests. Instead I use the trainer’s erg to control power and have my power meter (Quarq) report to my head unit (Wahoo Bolt). Then I just use 75% of of my 1 minute power reported on my Bolt for my new FTP. I manually set this new FTP in TR so I can use powermatch going forward.

That being said, the 1 minute power from both devices (Quarq vs trainer) is always within a couple watts anyways.