? power changes with front wheel riser

Recently changed from having my front tire on the floor to now on a riser of maybe 5cm (2 inches). Are my power numbers likely to change - should I repeat a ramp test.

Not likely to change power very much.

I do suggest a raised front tend for comfort reasons. It shifts a bit of weight off the hands on into the seat. This is somewhat like the shift we get from wind resistance on the road.

I am the type where my indoor power is way lower than outside. And using the same power source. So I’m constantly trying things to fix that. I’m currently trying the riser, after seeing @mcneese.chad post about it and it has helped. I haven’t done any power testing so I don’t know if my max power at various durations has increased, but RPE has definitely decreased and the power comes easier. Still nowhere close to outside, but any improvement is a huge win. If it were me, it was a big enough change to RPE that I feel I’d need to retest. Or at least adjust ftp based on how my next workouts went.

My inside ride should arrive this week so excited to see what that does for me.