Changed trainers - efforts feel different

Hi team,
I’ve just changed wheel-on trainers, from a Cycleops to a Kurt Kinetic fluid - I wanted a heavier flywheel, and the Kinetic delivers just that - but now that I’ve changed, I find it harder to hold power, and had to back the training off to 94% this morning; my HR has also risen closer my max during 105% efforts, so I’m certainly working harder with the new trainer - would I be best to finish my current block at 94% or loosen the wheel resistance to make the workout more manageable?

I intend to do another FTP test with my new equipment soon, just to re-calibrate my numbers to suit.

How are you getting your power data? Are you using a power meter or VirtualPower?

  1. If you are using a power meter, you are likely experiencing difference in effort from the different flywheel feeling and how it affects your body.

    • A new Ramp Test may help get you a more accurate FTP setting with this change in place.
    • The difference in this case may be marginal and possibly only show on longer or higher intervals.
  2. If you are using VirtualPower, you really should not be using the FTP value obtained from the other trainer.

    • You should to a Ramp test with the new trainer right away.
    • There can be MASSIVE differences in the VP data from one trainer to another.
    • You don’t want to train with the old number, because it will almost certainly not match.
    • For best results, you should follow the manufacturers setup instructions. As such, I’d advise against just loosening the roller tension as a “duct tape fix”, that is a crutch.
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Thanks so much for replying, really appreciate it.

I’m training on Virtual Power ( I have a new power2max metre to be fitted in a week ) and I’ll do as suggested.

I’m carrying a bit of fatigue in my legs, and I’m targeting a C race in 5 days, so I’ll take a couple of days to recover, do a new ramp test and recalibrate my virtual power.

Very thankful for your help, and I’ve already seen huge improvements my outdoor riding technique based on the medium volume program.

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Just a reminder that you will want to do another ramp test once you have your power meter installed as that will also be different that the virtual power.


Yep - looks like a big few weeks coming up!

I’m doing my FTP on Thursday, bashful +1 Friday and a C race Saturday.

A big block ahead.

Thanks all for the support.


if i were you and i would just drop my FTP by 10-20 watts or(whatever feels right) until you get your power meter then do a new ramp test

Along those lines, return to the older trainer until you get the power meter. No need to retest right now, and you can couple that retest with the new trainer when the new power meter arrives. It is the most direct solution with the least number of new variables (assuming you still have and are willing to use the previous trainer).

I don’t actually have the previous trainer anymore - I’ve scheduled a ramp test tomorrow and then Bashul on Friday, as I have a C event on Saturday.

It might be an idea to just finish the week with 70% of FTP and go into the race fresh, as I’m sort of carrying heavy legs anyway.