Post Your Strength Training Routines

Just want to report on this finding: I built a lifting platform that for 2 weeks forced me to do deficit deadlifts as the sides did it have same height yet; they felt difficult using same or a bit less weight….Yesterday with the complete setup (no deficit), I was able to blast all my PR’s easily.

So, I can only recommend déficit deadlifts as a tool to break through plateaus.

Coincidentally i tried deficits deadlifts for the first time today. Felt pretty good but let’s see if i can walk tomorrow!

Alexander Bromley on YouTube recommended them as a deadlifts variation. I recommend his channel for guidance on form and programming

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Great thread. Strength is a fantastic way of breaking routine and monotony of indoor cycling workouts. My routine:

Wednesday lower body.
1min in AMRAP format of:
kettlebell swings
Goblet squats with kettlebell or bear hug squats with sandbag
Bridges weighted with kettlebell
Bulgarian squats

This x 5 with 60 secs recovery in between the 5 minute sets

Sunday upper body
1 min AMRAP of
pull ups
Tricep extensions
Push ups
Bicep curls with kettlebell
Overhead press with sandbag
Kettlebell halos

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Do you mean this program? Mega Feature: Layne Norton Training Series + Full Power/Hypertrophy Routine (Updated 2011) |

Can you recover the volume and riding your bike? What is your progression system?

My current 2 or 3 times a week:
3 Sets of

  • 15 swings with 16kg kettlebell
  • 15 pushups
  • 5 inverse rows on dry tooling axes or rock rings
  • 30 leg raises
  • 15 kb curl swings with 16kg kettlebell in both hands
  • 10 per side single leg bridges
  • 10 goblet squats swings with 16kg kettlebell

Trying to work out whether it’s better to add a set or increase reps for the exercises where the current number feels easy.

That one is PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) which is similar to PHUL (Power Hypertrophy Upper Lower) in concept but has more movements per day and is perhaps more of a body building split.

I decided to try PHUL because I like lifting and wanted a bit of a break from thinking about the bike. Historically I do well for maintaining with two days, but takes three or four to see gains. Also, Wife and I recently relocated and took opportunity to build out the gym space compared to prior home. We wanted to use the new toys.

Here are a couple links to PHUL programs:

I took the M&S program and modified it for the gear we have. (power cage and barbels, functional cable column and a belt squat). Also add core exercises. We have a GHD and I do planks, hypers and back extensions almost daily.

Here are the base exercises in the PHUL:

Recovery and Bike on top of Weights

When I’m doing leg work 2x per week I only do Z2 type rides on the trainer and try for 3-4 a week, usually 45-60 min. The strength work hammers my legs so trying to do more on the bike doesn’t work. Have learned that the hard way experimenting.

What I usually do is set aside 8-12 weeks a year where I add lower strength days. January and February sometimes March. Then spring comes and I pivot to the bike and delete lower days and continue with upper days. But more maintenance focus.


I’m a lower intermediate lifter. So I know my prior one rep max numbers. That lets me set the workload to start lifting and I just go from there. Prior years I’ve used the Candito spreadsheets and followed the directions. This year with PHUL I’m using my fractional plates and trying to move up each week on the power day. Even if its just one kg that’s fine.

How is it going ??

Well, I like it as a weightlifting program, but as a cyclist I think it’s too much leg time and too many movements. For example, I doubt that the calf raises are doing much. Squats, belt squats and dead lifts are all good. As are goblets and other variants.

Am thinking that for my objectives (overall body fitness / strength plus decent cycling capability), will be better off de-focusing on leg work. Rather than two days in gym dedicated to legs, am thinking three days upper with each day having one or two leg movements.

Here is a fun table I stole from some site on possible splits:

After February am thinking I’ll go with a three day approach to lifting:

Day 1 Upper Push (low reps / strength)
Day 2 Upper Pull
Day 3 Upper Push (high reps / hypertrophy)

If I do that for upper and maybe add 1-2 leg movements per session (not heavy) will see if riding 4-5 days on top works. Am not focused at all on legs so even if I delete the leg work and move more toward the bike that’s fine. Also, I tend to over do things with leg work and risk injury. Being more purposeful with how I approach legs will be smart over time.

That’s a bit rambling but will post it up anyway :slight_smile:

On Edit: My strength goals are to see improvements over time. Which I define as both visual physique / less skinny fat and also functional. Functional meaning I can do stuff around the home and the yard. Have a fantasy of getting to a 225 bench press (my PR about 30 years ago) so I tend to focus more on the press even though it’s just one movement and a silly focus… Age 55+ and 140 pounds with +/- 10% BF year round.

On Edit 7-March-22 This program 4-day per week was aggressive. It is definitely working for strength improvement, but not surprisingly, trying to add extra bike work on top, even Z2, has been tiring. As weather is getting warmer its time to knock off the leg work and start pedaling the bike more seriously. Will likely squat and deadlift once a week, lighter weights, all season just to keep in touch with the movements and make fall’s return to leg work easier.

I thought I’d post an update.

I’m doing a LV plan - currently in the build phase - along with 2-3 strength sessions per week on the off days. This is considerably less cycling volume than I have done in the past. I’ve always done MV plans in the off-season, with the exception of last winter when I went HV with pretty good results.

Here is my new basic routine:

Squats or Reverse Lunges (w/ Barbell) or Bulgarian Split Squats
Bench Press or Overhead Press
Supersets: 5x [ Pullups / Kettlebell Swings / Russian Twists ]
5-10 Minutes of “core” - mix it up with planks, crunches, stability ball stuff, mtn climbers etc.

So how I’m I feeling with reduced cycling volume and increased time in the gym? GREAT! My FTP is down about 5% from last year at this time, but my overall well-being is up (although not as easy to quantify). I feel stronger, and have less aches and pain. My marriage is better, libido is up, mood better, and I have more time and patience for my kids.


Does anyone have experiences with the Strength Program from Renaissance Periodization? Renaissance Periodization | Endurance Sport Lifting Templates

Author of them here, happy to answer questions.

This might also help.

Crazy timing. Just came here to shamelessly post a picture of one of the plans. lol

Here’s an example of a tutorial vid that comes with the plans. Box Jumps

Please forgive the super-cringey youtube videos. Promise my skills are improving!

Happy customer here! :raising_hand_man:

I have the 3 days / week template. I went through it last fall as my off season. Super smooth and manageable progressions and many exercise options targeting the muscle groups so you can go through the program regardless of your setup. Workouts last approx. 60mins and left me fresh and ready to hit my next endurance workout. I was flying up staircases, until I became a cyclist again this winter. :upside_down_face:

I recently started a new job and now have a coworker who is training to be a personal trainer and we’ve talked about all sorts of strength and sports stuff. I’ve taken some of what he’s been recommending and some of the stuff that cycling coaches recommend as well. I’ve learned a lot about the theory behind working the muscles from him, and based on some research I’ve done, most of what he’s recommended seems to be legit.

Anyway, here’s my routine:
I go straight into the next exercise unless it specifically says rest

30 Jumping Jacks
20 Calf Raises
10 Pushups
20 Calf Raises
20 Situps
30sec Rest
10 Lunges (per leg)
1min Rest
5x3 Bench Press w/ 2min rest between sets
5x4 Pull-ups w/ 2min rest between sets
5x5 Squats w/ 2min rest between sets
5x5 Romanian Deadlifts w/ 2min rest between sets
5x5 Box Jumps or Weighted Lunges depending on the day w/ 2min rest between sets.

So far I’ve been really liking it, keeps things nice and simple and is also just fun. I need to do more core work, but I really, really hate doing core work, so I don’t do it.

Try this exercise. Start light (eg soccer ball), then work up to a medicine ball.

I’ve got a simple bodyweight and kb routine that’s getting easier (which is good) so want to make it a bit more effort.

I can make some exercises harder versions but things like swings or weighted squats are what they are, I can’t afford/justify a bigger kb so I need to do more. Should I be making sets longer or doing an extra set? For example I’m currently doing 30 squats would you do 40 or 2 sets of 20?

Do single legged exercises


My strength routine is largely body weight and all single-leg for lower body. I got to the point where I added a fanny pack with hand weights (started with 1x 5lb weight in the pack) for more mass on my Pistol Squats. Then I also hold a 5lb weight in each hand (10lbs total held) when doing my Lunges and Bulg. Split Squats.

I ended my Build phase with those two hand weights and 10lbs (2x 5lb) in the pack which was a nice progression for me. That is a total of 20 lbs extra for me at 145 lbs, which is a decent adder vs pure body weight, without the need to get into larger weights for double-leg lifting

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Seeking suggestions on an app or good list w/descriptions for a full body workout when only dumbbells are available.

Dialed Health or P90X. Both require a subscription or purchase, though.

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I’ve been using fitness blender, which has a lot of free videos/lists of workouts and an easy database to search through (including by available equipment). I don’t know how it compares to other programs suggested here, but I like it.

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Not heard of this before. Thanks for sharing. A quick look and there indeed seems to be a good free selection with easy searching/ filtering.

Found this one I might try out :+1:t2: