Post KNEE Surgery New Year Plan advice

This will be a long post so please hang on. I am going in for my 16th Knee Surgery on Nov 14th for a Scope to clean out “floaters” approx. 14 of them. Until now I have managed the pain for the most part but when the floaters move they can cause quit the issue with pain and swelling to the point of loss of all range of motion.

Ortho is saying off the bike for one week then ramp back into it. 4-6 Weeks which puts me at the New Year roughly.

So the question becomes this. What workouts should I start with? I was going to reset my FTP to 200 and work from there. Or should I do a new ramp test when I am released as a benchmark?

Thank you all.

Why not find a sports med or even your ortho and show them the TR workouts & plans, talk with them about the level of stress required for your knee to stay healthy; build a plan with the pros!

Might also help to get a bike fit.

Bike fit is done and will be redone post surgery. Thanks for the ides of talking to my Ortho and PT solid advice.

NP. Almost always real people >> internet advice.

I have a similar knee issue and have had microfracture as well as loose objects removed from my knees multiple times (not as many surgeries as you, but have done an ACL on the left knee and an MCL on the right back in my non-cycling days).

I’d strongly recommend you follow the advice of your PT post-surgery. The surgeons, in my experience, understand the cause and solution to the problems but the PT is where they understand the recovery. I would not make a plan until I was into my PT routine (I’m sure you’ve been through this before with all those surgeries) but show them that you are focused and can follow the routine from home, then see how the recovery is going and go with what they recommend from a pacing perspective.

Every surgery is different, as is every rehab (even if the actual PT exercises can feel very redundant after so many reps) - trust your medical professionals and wait to see how things look post-surgery before you commit to a plan

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