Knee injury after operation training

Any advice just had left knee arthroscopy partial medial and menisectomy been told to take it easy for 6 weeks till I see the surgeon again 2 months till I can return to work. Have already lost about 4 months training when injury was at it’s worst FTP plummeted. Where do I go from here with my training plan? With racing coming back can cyclocross be a realistic target what can I do just now of the bike ?

@Geeforce69 I just had an arthroscopy too (there’s a post on the forum). I guess it depends on what soft tissue damage you have sustained during the operation? Mine was keyhole with no damage to muscles, tendons or ligaments. I took an easy week, then built up from there. Within two weeks I was close to normal.
Recovery will depend on the individual, for sure, but the best advice I have been given is to do what you feel comfortable with, and push to discomfort, but never to pain.

You’ve had a substantial time off training, so unless you have “must do” plans for late summer/autumn, perhaps go for a base plan now; that might work well with a return to racing for 'cross season? Off the bike, squats is what I was suggested. I’m into single leg squats now.