Plan Builder Skipped My Recovery Week

If the fall, plan Builder gave me the following setup for an A race in May:
Base 1
Base 2
Base 2

Sounds great, but looking at my Calendar, there is no recovery week between Base 2 and Specialty.

Is this intentional of TR’s part? Maybe the first few weeks of Base 2 aren’t considered too intense? It very well could be user error on my part because I did recalculate the plan once when I added another A race for August. I can manually remove the last week of Base 2 and add a recovery week. Should I do that? Has anybody else had this issue? I just want to be doing what Plan Builder prescribes.

It did this with me too. I caught it before adding it to the calendar though. I ended up customizing the entire plan with the added recovery. Plan Builder is still a work in progress.

I just noticed the same thing in the plan I started a few months ago with Plan Builder.

This is my 7th and last week of Sustained Power Build - MV. I guess due to timing, the last week (rest week) was chopped off. So I’m wrapping up my 3rd week of intense intervals.

Next week I start SSB - MV2 with a ramp test. That block has 5 SS weeks before the first rest week.

So if I follow the prescribed workouts I’ll go 8 weeks straight with no dedicated rest weeks.

I assume this is unintentional - and my best course of action is to convert the first week of SSB-MV2 into a rest week, or just manually push the blocks back a week and finish up the 8th week of build (rest week).

Bumping this. Setting up my plan for next year using Plan Builder for the first time. Usually have simply made my own plan as before PB was introduced. I felt I was more free to move things around with that approach. But now with the possibility to schedule time off, and the introduction of AT, PB seems the way to go. However, it gives me a couple of weird results.

  • No Ramp Test at start of Build 1
  • No recovery between Build 1 and Base 2 (so I go directly from 3 weeks for Sustained Power to SSBII)
  • Time off is followed by a recovery week (earlier I would typically schedule the recovery week when I have time off)

Not sure how to solve this.