Pomegranate tablets for supplementation - Podcast 201

I emailed Organika to ask and their response was that they do not test for punicalagin content.

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So far I’ve found this one that is standardized for punicalagins: https://www.geelawsonnutritional.com/news/gee-lawson-news/443-pomella-punicallagins-vs-ellagic-acid.html

and here’s the more potent one I could find available in the US! https://www.amazon.com/ProHealth-Pomella-Pomegranate-Extract-capsules/dp/B06XHRCMMM/ref=pd_cart_sspa_dk_ct_pt_sub_1_1/136-3179673-2750562?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XHRCMMM&pd_rd_r=a0bfa8f5-6666-4455-bc26-1219dbdd34a4&pd_rd_w=TOiIX&pd_rd_wg=H85w0&pf_rd_p=beceb372-c532-476d-a9b7-34a33f7e2fe2&pf_rd_r=4PD4QVD4XY452J0HAM07&psc=1&refRID=4PD4QVD4XY452J0HAM07

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Pure Encapsulations is a high quality company I trust what they state on the label is accurate. They have a product called Pomegranate Plus. Per 200mg tablet they contain 50% polyphenols & 30% punicalagins. So that would be 60mg punicalagins per tablet. 3 tabs = 180mg / 4 tabs = 240mg

So 3 to 4 tablets puts you in the ball park of the study.
Here is a link to where you can buy them (I can’t speak for the website I’ve linked, I’m lucky to have a Nutritionist daughter & am able to buy them through her source.

so any anecdotes, positive or negative?

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I have tried these for 20 days but haven’t really noticed a difference . Maybe for guys who are racing and really pushing their limits it will make a difference !?

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Bump - anyone having good luck with supplementing pomegranate extract? I’m in the US so getting the pomonox from the study isn’t an option. Looking into this one for the 120mg of punicalagins

I have been using these…

21st Century Pomegranate Veg Capsules, 500 mg 120 Vegetarian Capsules https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001FXSDA0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QvS7CbHEVM1X3

I purchased the day following the podcast. I’ve been taking them semi-religiously since and cannot say I’ve seen a difference. I also don’t believe the amount of Punicaligans is the same amount as the study though. Once I’m out of my current bottle, I plan to purchase one with a higher count and see if there’s a difference.


While I agree this product may be helpful I think we’re losing track of the forest for the trees.

This study, while intriguing, is very underpowered to stimulate this much debate over the details. In my practice I would never initiate any change in my algorithms based on such a tiny study.

Think of it this way. If the product cost $2000 would you purchase it based on a short term study of only 26 people?

Given the cheap cost it is completely worth trying but this study is too underpowered to truly guide dosage or other details.

And yes. I definitely just purchased some.

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I purchased this after the podcast and have been using as directed 2X per day

Pomegranate Extract

Hard to say if this is contributing positively or not. I don’t have an accurate way to measure it and it’s not like I’m in a study where no other variables are changing.That being said, it does seem like my time to exhaustion has increased based on performance in TR workouts. Now, some of that, if not most, may be due to overall fitness gains, but maybe some is the pomegranate?

Just found these, available in the US and the UK. 160mg of Punicalagins per two capsules.