1 Litre Single Bottle - Modex Pycnogenol Supplement

Has anyone come across this or know anything about it? Does it work? Or is it unproven.

Pycnogenol (Pine bark extract)
Sodium Chloride
Aloe Vera Dried in. leaf juice

Reviews are very good but it just looks like salt + expensive antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to me. Convenient how they recommend a minimum of 4 weeks of supplementation. I don’t know too much about Pycnogenol or Papain so if you do want to try it at least do some research and figure out what the actual purpose of this supplement is. The description is all buzzwords :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, Dave here, one of the guys behind Modex.
Its not exactly just salt and expensive antioxidant & anti-inflammatories. There is a small amount (115mg per 100ml of sodium).
What is important in this formula is it is isotonic (mimics bodily fluids, like blood) the role of papain enzyme is to line the stomach so the pycnogenol and nutrients from aloe vera can get straight into the bloodstream.
Pycnogenol acts on endothelial cells to aid production of Nitric Oxide (vasodilator) which assists blood flow. This gets more oxygen and nutrients to our muscle cells (for energy production & better recovery), it also aids regeneration of hyaluronic acid which is great for better moving joints.
Further to this, the role of antioxidants is to ensure free radicals produced by exercise in the wrong place (the free radicals that effect to life span of NO molecules) can be eliminated. This extends the lifecycle of the usual unstable Nitric Oxide molecule to ensure that vasodilation process can be prolonged.

In simple terms, the theory here, based on the clinical studies (over 40 years) on Pycnogenol and the science behind papain enzyme, aloe vera and honey, is the formula may assist you with better performance, endurance and recovery.

The reviews on our product since launching are definitely proving the efficacy of the product, which is super exciting.

Oh, and the 4 week supplement period is important, as it is consistent with clinical trials where the Pycnogenol dose given is between 150mg-200mg a day, for 4 weeks and in some cases 8 weeks, to see results. Our 100ml shot contains 260mg Pycnogenol in liquid form.

Anyone keen to try, feel free to email us with more questions