Podcast 204: Jonathan Should be in Marketing ;-)

During the recent discussion on CTL, Jonathan made the statement

“Not All TSS Are Created Equal…”

Now if that’s not a great marketing tag line (or T-Shirt) for TrainerRoad then I don’t know what is!

Great training product and superb podcast that accompanies my regular dog walks.

Mike Hobbs
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FYI, That was not the first time the phrase has been uttered in the TR Universe. That comment has a pretty long history in the podcast and even prior to the forum existence. I am working pinpoint the precise moment it was first mentioned in the podcast, but I am nearly certain that it predates the YouTube/Facebook video days (maybe by years).

For reference, here are some search results with the phrase in use. They date back to at least Oct 18, 2018.

The TR crew uses the phrase with frequency, and is the reason it is prevalent in the forums. I don’t know if they originated the phrase or if it came from an outside source?

Either way, it is a worthy consideration in training and could fairly have a home on a t-shirt given it’s significance.

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    • When following the Base/Build/Specialty cycle, workouts retain a certain level of homogeneity within each training phase — they’re all pretty similar from week to week within that phase of training. But when moving from one training phase to another, the variety and type of workouts can change rather dramatically. As a result, comparing weekly TSS becomes problematic because not all TSS are created equally.
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Found via this podcast: March 2017


Is he not head of marketing/PR at TR already?..


He is their marketing dude, as far as I know

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And if you don’t believe it, here he is in a suit:



FWIW I think the whole “Not all TSS is created equal” line is a bit silly and played out. TSS isn’t supposed to be created equal and is a viable and valuable training metric.

No one, except the completely uninformed, is of the mindset that more TSS is always better.

This theme, which is now ongoing on the podcast, along with the downplaying of CTL and the weak treatment of the metric in the last show was a bit of a bummer. I don’t expect the TR crew to spend too much time on TP metrics or training methods that they don’t market, but I expect a more well informed and articulate explanation.

I get that TR subscribers don’t need to track these metrics because the plan handles it all, but to write off or diminish the potential of something like the PMC for managing fitness and the metrics surrounding it is disappointing.


For the record, the OP didn’t make a claim that Jonathan should become a marketing guy. He just stated that the comment was a great “marketing tag line”, and said nothing about Jonathan specifically.

apart from in the topic title…lol


I think it’s the post heading where it’s claimed that Jonathan should become a marketing guy

Podcast 204: Jonathan Should be in Marketing

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LOL, doh!

I re-read the comment and missed the title. Eyes Wide Shut :stuck_out_tongue:


He looks like he’s about 12 years old in the photo.


You would think but I go through this conversation with riders and racers a lot maybe uniformed or not but a lot believe more TSS is better not the quality of the TSS and I use this line once a week or so.

British Humour… sorry!

C’mon guys… British Humour !?!

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British Humour :wink:


This goes well off topic and I will keep comments to a minimum. But their continued use of the phrase and other related comments are meant to inform people. We need to realize that we are among a revolving set of TR users, podcast listeners and others… all of them with different points of entry and current knowledge.

Things that are obvious and old news to us are brand new to others. They evolving discussion and emphasis in the cast kind of address that with a potential other goal of not becoming overly repetitious. The efforts to continue education for new and old listeners with varied knowledge is commendable, IMHO.


This idea of quantity vs quality is the whole issue. TSS isn’t supposed to tell you whether the training is good or bad, that’s down to your plan and execution. Just a top line measurement of cardiovascular load. No implied value.

I’m as British as you are! Sarcasm never translates well online!!

Not a judgment on the topic but rather the treatment. I understand the need to speak to all listeners, and think the guys do a great job addressing their target demo. Maybe I’m just getting TR podcast fatigue.

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