Plot FTP History [Feature Request]

Would be nice to be able to plot FTP history over time. One of the biggest challenges looking at it from a table view is that it’s hard to intuitively understand the time differences between records when testing isn’t done like clockwork, either due to an offseason or vacation/life or any other number of factors.

If the product is extended so a weight history can be tracked like FTP, then this feature would extend nicely to plotting both weight and W/Kg as well.

Hey @matthewdparker,

We currently display an FTP change on your TSS chart using a small diamond icon like the one shown here:

In the future, we plan to create an analytics chart specifically designed to track your watts/kg, but this feature is a ways off and has no ETA at this time.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions :slight_smile:


Any plans to be able to plot or overlay other data? E.g. Would be interested in seeing interaction between some of the following points:

  • Which plan you were following, so you could see how plans relate to FTP improvements
  • Time spent in different zones, e.g. Each week would show a stack of total time split by zone, so you could see how your training was broken down during different periods of the year, and how this impacted FTP. Could also plot this going forward based on planned workouts
  • Other performance metrics e.g. 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute power, not just FTP

Realise if you showed all of the above in one go the chart would look horrible! But either multiple charts or a single master chart where you can tick and untick the data points you’re interested in would be awesome.

Thanks for the suggestions!

As you’ve touched on, it is really hard to make a chart that shows all that information without looking cluttered. We have played with the idea of showing the Training Plans on the TSS chart, however we have shifted our Development Resources over to app development for now.

I will share your suggestions with the team for consideration when we wrap up the application overhaul :slight_smile: