FTP/weight history

Just did an FTP test and was going back through my FTP history to compare and I’m pretty sure that your weight history used to be shown there as well but now looks like its not. Am I correct that weight used to be shown? I always used it as resource to keep track of that, at least I think I did.?.?

Checked on an Ipad and pc fwiw

Weight changes in your profile, like FTP, used to be shown, yes. Dunno why they’re gone. Maybe it was a way to help make the TSS charts simpler looking. Who knows.

I wish the FTP history was a watt/kg history as well, that would be more telling.


I would like to see a history of w/kg, too.

Also, I would love to see the duplicate FTP history entries get fixed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t have time to search, but there is an open Feature Request covering this topic. Something is likely being added in the future, based on comments from TR reps.


Yeah, I brought this up before. Can’t remember if I sent it in formally. Considering that the URL title for FTP history still says FTP-weight. So far I think my biggest W/Kg increase actually came in a block where I only gained 5 watts, but also lost 5 lbs during the 6 weeks. Was a pretty good net gain.

I agree, seeing w/kg would be awesome as well!

Seems weird to remove something so simple, even if there is a planned upgrade :confused:

Yes, a weight history including w/kg would be very usefull. Looking forward for that feature :pray:

I’d love this feature because my FTP has only gone up 1 watt from 3 months ago, but I swear I’ve dropped more than 10lbs. Every time I test I feel discouraged, but I was just realizing that although my FTP may be similar, my W/Kg has increased, but I’d like to know exactly how much.