Feature request: Watts/kg over time

As I look back through weeks, I’d love to see a snapshot of my FTP, along with my watts/kg at that time. One place it could go would be this week summary, or possibly somewhere on the graph. I know it already shows FTP, but I’d be interested in tracking that key metric of watts/kg over time as well.

I think it would be super useful looking back at certain efforts, climbs, races, etc.


It could go on the graph where the ftp changes are. In brackets next to the old and new ftp ?

Maybe when you change your weight (rather than ftp) a new data point could be added. Maybe a different colour.

Could be.
Also, would love to see TR import my weight automatically from Apple Health.

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This is something that we have plans to add in the future :+1:



Any chance you can include a W/kg column in the FTP history?

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@tomfl I moved your request to this existing thread requesting the same feature. A watt/kg chart is still something we would like to do, but our developers are working on other projects at the moment.

Been tracking mine this year on my own :nerd_face: