Tracking W/kg at FTP

So I know we can track FTP changes over time on the training stress graph on the TR home page but as I’m making an effort to lose weight too this doesn’t tell the whole story. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who wants to track W/kg at FTP as my seasons progress so where do you all do it?

I can’t seem to find it anywhere on TR that graphs W/kg at FTP over time or find an easy way on Training Peaks either. I guess I could crack out a spreadsheet but that seems very old fashioned and it would be nice to keep it with the rest of my data.

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It’s ‘on the list’ for them to track weight as well.

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We have plans to create a killer W/kg chart in the future :slight_smile:

No ETA on this since we have a few major projects to work on before we venture into this project, but it is definitely on our Development Roadmap.



Great to know! Until then I’ll crack out a spreadsheet!

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Was about to post the same request. A trend line for W/Kg would be very useful.

In the mean time you can make a pretty straight-forward excel spreadsheet if you are really desperate to visualise this.

Date, weight and FTP are the only variables involved.