Useful data on right side of Calendar (inc AI FTP?)

The very nice makes use of the left hand side of the calendar to show useful metrics of data from that specific week. e.g.


Why not make use of the right hand side of the calendar to show useful data, some is already shown. Maybe show the AI FTP there for each week. I don’t want to use it, what it says and what I train at is a different thing, but its nice to see if there is a small change. Would be nicer than needing to query it manually.



Love this idea, maybe even graph it for your own historical view. Also, i hope TR are running the AI FTP on the background to figure out what training everyone did to hit their peak values, takining into account peak length etc

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I think that Im understanding that what you’d like to see is the weekly changes in your fitness. While there could be features in place in the future that prompt FTP changes as they appear, we know that FTP doesn’t adequately express the full scope of your fitness in the way Progression Levels do!
Those are great to keep an eye on as a real-time representation of your progress, but I do hear you on wanting some more weekly metrics, and I’ll pass that along to the team for consideration as a feature request.

Yes, AI FTP Detection is taking every day and every cycling activity with power into consideration; all the time!

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But is anyone looking back to say 2019 to see FTP results using AI FTP after following a plan, then comparing to AI FTP after following a newer PL plan to see which is best? Lots of noise but i bet you could get some takeaways.

Probably something one of our new Data Engineers would love to get to at some point! That kind of data comparison can feel like noise, but in reality, getting a good understanding of what helps athletes get faster ultimately helps us be even more effective in serving athlete’s needs. :sunglasses: