Please help me estimate my ftp (😖 computers!)

I’ve finally got a phone that will sync with my power meter so I’ve just undertaken the ramp test for the first time. Was going well until right near the end when I presume a drop of sweat activated a menu on the phone and stopped the test! No trace of it now.
Can’t face doing it again for at least a few days so how would you ballpark these numbers?
Was at 362w and would have sustained this for the minute. Would have failed around halfway through the next interval I reckon.
I’m currently working under the assumption that I’m around 290w ftp. Close enough for some sweetspot work for a week?

The TR ramp test takes 75% of your best one-minute power as your FTP. I think each step is 6% (not 11% - edited) of your old FTP, so if you had 290W, and made it through the next step, it’d tell you your FTP is 286W (edited). If you think you’d stopped somewhere in the next step, it’d be a bit lower - but if 290W felt correct, I’d leave it at that.

You could contact support and see if they can find the test - but if it hadn’t uploaded yet, then probably not.

You could also see what thinks is your eFTP, or just have a guess.

A guess is good enough for now.

Related, if I activate ‘block accidental touches’ on my phones menu, will that prevent sweat drops from doing stuff?

What is your current FTP? It’s needed to estimate the 6% jump to the next step, as needed to swag your test avg.

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Oh, is it 6%? Where did I get 11% from?
…in that case - sorry @grawp , seems like your ramp test FTP would have been lower…

I’ve edited my estimate above now to avoid confusion.

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So, ballpark swag is avg of the step you completed & the next one (6% of FTP more than the completed one) and take 75% of that avg.

I’m coming round to the conclusion that I’ll have to do it again on Monday night after work. At least that’ll give me a realistic figure for the time of day I’ll be training.
Sounds like I may be able to drop my ftp a bit from the 290w I have it currently set as. That’d make those sweetspot workouts a bit nicer :blush: