Help me choose a training plan

So after a 4 month layoff I started riding on my trainer for the past 6 weeks. I’m a pretty casual rider (Current FTP 143W).
In the past 6 weeks I’ve just used the recommended rides that pop up. I ride 2-3 times a week for an hour max. I do not want to do more :slight_smile:
I want to do a 100km road event in 2 month’s time. What’s the best plan for me to do?? I’m not sure about Base, Build or Specialty.
I would like to improve my climbing.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Use Plan Builder with Gran Fondo as the event would be my call.

Thanka Macy. How do I add this? Is it Custom plan? Where do I add Grand Fondo



Thanks Sunshine- I’m using the app which lists it as “Custom Plan Builder”

yep same thing. just follow the process…


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What must I choose for intensity level? I want to finish in a sub 4

Not much point using plan builder if you only have 8 weeks of training. It’s really designed for a minimum of 28 weeks.

I’d just update my FTP and do Sweetspot Base 1 (Low volume) That’s three workouts a week for 5 weeks and then a recovery week.

Then update your FTP again and do Train Now for the rest of the time before your event, giving yourself a reduced workload for a few days before.

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