1 week training block between end of CX season and surgery

My last cyclocross race of the season is Nov 18. During the week of the 19th, I plan on taking a recovery week of endurance rides(a copy of the SSB2 mid volume week). Then on Dec 5th I’m getting a septoplasty and will be off the bike for week then plan on doing a week of Taku and starting my base phase on the week of Dec 17th. This leaves me with an awkward week and a day between the end of my recovery week after cyclocross and surgery. Any suggestions on what I do during this week?

Schedule in another format
Week starting on:
Nov 19th - Recovery Week
Nov 26th - ???
Dec 3rd - Surgery Week (surgery on dec 5th)
Dec 10th - Taku only week
Dec 17th - Start base phase

I have a similar situation coming up. I’m having surgery 9 days after cyclocross season ends, and I will have to stay off the bike for 2-3 weeks to recover. After a week of some very easy workouts I plan on starting my base phase.

My plan for that in-between time is basically to just get a bunch of TSS.

Here’s what I have on my TR calendar right now (I will do longer versions of each of these as time allows):
Day 1 - Last CX race
Day 2 - Dans (recovery)
Day 3 - Baxter
Day 4 - Rest (due to other obligations)
Day 5 - Basin
Day 6 - Pettit
Day 7 - Unstructured outdoor ride
Day 8 - Ebbetts
Day 9 - Striped

This is just what I came up with based on workouts I found to be hard, but “enjoyable”. I’m interested in what others would do in this scenario as I may modify my plan.

Dude…get on your mountain bike and ride outside, lol. I’ve been under the knife a few times, enjoy the outdoors before you’re stuck inside on recovery.


Yeah sadly the Minnesota outdoor riding season is pretty much done :frowning: