Planned Workout Push To Training Peaks?

Greetings all hoping I can get some details from the platform gurus.

I’m a training peaks user and I’ve been for a decade. This is where I like to map out my season, create custom workouts and analyze my overall training.

My question is, if I sign up for TR and start a plan, can it push those planned workouts to my Training Peaks calendar?

Basically I just want to use the TR AI Engine & Coach Chad’s workouts but I don’t want to switch to another platform and have to relearn.

Thanks I’m advance for your input

Short answer is no

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Well that sucks royally … Guess I’ll keep things as is. Shame, I really wanted to try trainer road out again after years and years hiatus.

Thanks for the response :blush:

As covered, that direction of workout transfer (TR > TP) is not supported:

But, there are ways to potentially leverage TR by using the normal TP connection, and things like the Outside Workout options to perform TR workouts. I am no expert on this, so just sharing the official support articles that may be useful. Hopefully, there are others with similar use that can share if these or other methods are beneficial.

This isn’t an option.

I have loads and loads of workouts in my TP library for Strength, Mobility, Run, Swim and various forms of recovery work such as Yoga, Pilates etc etc

If I can not plan out my week and have the entire thing in one holistic view there is no advantage in complicating the process like this.

I appreciate the post and your efforts though. Many many thanks :pray:

If we could drop a plan or a workout to TP then it would make doing a TR workout on Zwift a lot simpler.


This would be another solid bonus for winter months although running both TR beside Zwift seems to at least be functional.

I get these are two different companies and in most instances they are competitors. I’ve always felt however that TR is more of a common sense company with their fingers on the pulse of their user base. I suspect they know many users are using this workaround and would willingly pay for both platforms to leverage both of their strengths.

Becasue of that is likely Zwift is not playing fair and providing them with the backend they need to push into Zwift or use TR Coaching to the platform.

Actually the inability to sync TR workouts to other platforms (e.g. Zwift) is all on TR (not Zwift). TR has since the start restricted exporting to protect their intellectual property. Zwift is open and will sync any workout that is in TrainingPeaks regardless of the source.

TR is a subscription app service and they have decided that they don’t want to allow syncing of workouts outside their ecosystem since that could lead to folks exporting workouts or whole plans then dropping the subscription. That’s a reasonable business decision but kind of a PITA for some users who want some app flexibility.

If running things out of TrainingPeaks is important to you, explore the coaching/plan services that use TP (e.g. Fascat Coaching).


TBH it’s not like it’s rocket science to subscribe and just recreate the planned workouts in TP and adding it to a library. I don’t think they are preventing much here only making it less time efficient to do so.

Their workouts aren’t the goal here. Workouts have been roughly the same for decades and decades. 2x20 … 5x4 … 30/30s … etc

Their real golden opportunity is to leverage their space as the BEST AI Coaching engine in the business. As it stands Xert is the only one really close.

Create a package that caters to people looking for that portion of the product. It’s a Net New revenue stream for them with all us users tied to some other planning platform. Imagine charging 75% of the monthly fee but not having to scale up your infrastructure to have to process all the extra stuff (calendar, etc)

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I have TP and TrainerRoad, I get around it by just manually adding the rides into TP I’m only interested in the basics ie duration, TSS and IF so it isn’t so bad to just update a block at a time.

If anything changes through AI FTP or Adaptations I usually only have a couple of rides to update.

On a low plan the general gist of the season largely remains the same anyway and TR pushes outdoor rides to Garmin and I run Zwift concurrently with TR on the laptop.

I was hoping the AI Engine would be tweaking things far more frequently than that. I already have a vast array of workouts in my libraries so if it’s not making constant minor micro adjustments like I am currently doing for myself then it’s lost on me.

I’m trying to offload some of my manual work and automate things not add more work into my already busy life/schedule. I’m not a low volume athlete but rather a 18-25H a week rider on the bike 6 days a week. Your solution unfortunately would be too time consuming in my case. I can already map things out with the workouts I have and not have to recreate a bunch of workouts that achieve the same thing.

Let’s hope in the future they see the merit in shifting the product to facilitate this for us potential customers who are only interested in the prescription.

Thanks for your reply.