Import TrainerRoad workouts to trainingpeaks

Hi @Nate_Pearson I’m a big fan of TrainerRoad, I just finished Sweet Spot Base 1, mid volume.

I am also a TrainingPeaks user and have been for longer than TR. The reason I have kept my TP account is that I can log all of my workouts rather than just cycling (Aikdio, Rowing, Orange Theory) I found a website that had instructions for having a TR workout show up in my TP account.

With all of the updates TR is doing, is it possible to make this work around a feature for your customers (like me) who use both services?

The bottom line is I just want my planned TR workouts to show up in my TP account.

Thanks for a great product.


@zbuttar this is already a feature. Go to Account -> Ride Sync (under Profile)

thanks but I am looking to have my TR planned workouts show up in my Training peaks.


We don’t have that today. We do get this request and see value in it. We want to develop an API that any third party could build against and pull data. We’re still pretty far away from doing that right now though :frowning:.


thank you @Nate_Pearson I really appreciate all the stuff you guys are doing.

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Not sure that would be ideal for TR. Could load a plan into TP and then move it to Zwift or another platform. Repeat until all plans are copied. No more use of TR.

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I don’t see any scenario where TR is of no more use. I’ve been racing for the last 30+ years and have NEVER seen such a tight plug and play system to train, There will always be yahoo’s who try to game any system.


We need to be able to export TrainerRoad Scheduled Training Plans with the time and estimate IF and TSS into Training Peaks calendar, not rip off training programs to run in another program.

Sufferfest already uses Training Peaks Calendar I can integrate this training with all my other activities and outdoor rides I have coming up.

So really this needs to happen very soon for me to stay with Trainer Road…


It takes some work but I can manually create evey workout in training peaks. That’s what I end up doing

This is an awesome request. Instead manual entry of workouts, we can export it to TP calendar where we can then arrange ATP and forecast the raceday fitness status. I am sick and tried entering planned workouts into TP calendar.


I hope you are not as far away from doing that as you were one year ago?

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We’ve built an API for people to get workouts from us for outside workouts and to push rides to TR. We don’t have an API to pull scheduled workouts directly from us.

I’m a new user to both TR and TP and learning the ins/outs of each. So am I correct that there is no automatic method to export a TR workout into TP? In other words, we have to manually input a TP workout from TR?

If so, can someone help with an easy to follow step by step process?

Honestly I see value in both products and would love to follow the TR workout plan. Its easier for me to track in TP as I’m also using that for my cross training workouts like running and other activities. I can glance at my calendar and see what I’ve done and what’s coming up. At the moment for cycling, I have to switch to TR to view the workout so the integration would be a great advantage for folks like me.

Thanks for all the work and input!


I’m also fairly new to both but I think I can answer your question. You can easily link your TR & TP accounts which will allow completed TR workouts to sync to your TP account:

The issue is getting your planned future workouts from TR into your TP calendar. I ended up doing that manually by “re-creating” the TR workout in my TP library. To be clear, I did NOT recreate the workout in the sense that I entered the intervals, percentages of ftp, etc rather I just used the workout title then entered workout duration & TSS in the appropriate fields in TP. This gives me an idea of my planned training stress for the upcoming weeks & months as well as filling in a projection of what my PMC is going to look like throughout my season.


Thanks Kris for the feedback! I have TP synced with TR so yes you’re correct I can see completed workouts. Glad you understood what I meant and was asking for!

I’ll have to do the same and just enter future workouts manually as you’ve suggested. I searched earlier for some of the threads thinking this would’ve been implemented as both users and the TR team understand it’s a requested feature.

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No problem! It’s really not too bad entering all the workouts, you get a good idea of what you’ll be doing through the training cycle. I ended up with 94 different workouts through my training year. Good luck with TR & TP! This is my first experience with structured training, I’m 5 weeks in & I can feel I’m getting stronger already.

I’d prefer the option to sync other workouts to my TR calendar, once that happens I can leave TP for good. I’d rather pay for one than two services.


Agreed! I hope importing to TR is coming at some point, but I’ve heard the guys say they don’t like the idea of using off the bike TSS for things like weightlifting in the TR charts.

To be clear @Nate_Pearson we’re just asking to be able to import the SCHEDULE to TP. It would import something like “Wednesday, Pettit, 60 minutes, 45 TSS, .6 IF”. We’re not trying to steal the workouts, just the high level data for planning out our year without having to manually enter dozens of planned TR workouts into TP.


Any update on this?

FWIW, I figured out how to do this in the console of chrome dev tools.
Trying to make a plugin out of it. Though I may leave it for personal use, as idk if this is against TOS or not. Essentially with this method you could bulk export all trainerroad workouts and take the power files to use without a sub. Obviously I don’t think Trainerroad wants that.