Training Peaks sync from TrainerRoad

Can you send works outs from trainer roadie to training peaks automatically from the TR APP. WOTHBOIT MANUAL ADDING THEM

Short answer: not that i’m aware of, and i’ve tried a number of different ways to do this.

Will trainer road send my training plan directly to training peaks. And is there a setting to do so. So as to not have to manually enter this.

I’m nearly certain that you’re out of luck. Believe that TR only pushes completed TR workouts to TrainingPeaks.

For myself the TR calendar has nearly all the features I need, you can add non-TR workouts, activities, time off. Notes feature is killer and the analysis tools are great.

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I merged your two separate posts into a single one because there is no need to double-post about a single topic.

No. Only completed TR workouts will send to TrainingPeaks. There is no way around this, no ‘hack’. Only plans purchased from the TrainingPeaks marketplace or from training plan author sites such as FasCat, 8020, etc will send/show future workouts in TrainingPeaks.