Training Peaks - calendar sync

I cant seem to work out how to export my Trainer Road training plan into Training Peaks. Is that the case?

If it is I have to say it is super disappointing I have years of data on TP which TR doesnt seem to be able to import.

I also use TP for my running and strength plans and it gives me the ability to really chart my progress and look to the future, I like it’s predictive features, how it tracks fatigue etc.

I don’t think TR let’s you export on mass. Their rationale I believe if you signed up to TR and exported the whole plan to TP, you could then cancel the TR subscription.

Interesting… I only really want the TSS in advance, and the workouts you have completed do sync, so i guess if you were really interested in stealing some Trainer Road workouts you probably could after a while.

But given that sufferfest (before it became wahoo systm) were happy to let you export it seems unlikely that they would lose that much money… probably about as much as they lose in people who dont use their system because it isnt compatible!